BBQ framed in white

BBQ framed in white. Quite nice I like white. I’m usually quite conservative with frames. I go with walnut or black.

Someone found my blog by typing in

i am sad for no reason


I mean what more can be said?

Although, what does that say about this blog, hmm?

Reminder: Only 2 days left for free world-wide shipping!

Free Shipping offer ends 29 Jan 2012!

Burn that date into your memory.

Just 2 measly days to decide on which print/skin/Tshirt you could buy from my shop, that would change your life forever!

Ok so it probably won’t change your life much, except that visitors to your house (should you hang it there) would turn to you and say,

“Oh my god, what is that drawing?? And why are there so many naked bird people? That’s a little weird.”

Which could be highly entertaining for you.

You could also hang it in your loo or a corridor, or if you really liked it your living room.

Aren’t I being good?

Plugging it and shit.

I feel so business like and professional.

GO GO GO GO GO NOW! There is no time like the now! Click here.

Who likes to pay for shipping anyway? Waste of money. Seriously.

Fishy iPhone Case/Skin

Fishy iPhone Case/Skin


6 thoughts on “Reminder!

  1. Should I thank myself for inspiring you to go looking under the sink stopper in your search terms index? lol

    I think my favorite search term yesterday was “leather skirt immobilised”. That doesn’t sound so awful, does it?

    Maybe I could write a story around that. “The hard-eyed, recalcitrant embezzler yanked the naive, uppity secretary’s leather skirt down to her ankles, immobilizing her.”

    “‘You may think you’re something special around the vicarage,’ he snarled at the cowering parson’s daughter caught in a web of secret submission, ‘but from now on, I expect you to go commando at all times . . . . ‘”

    • Omg can you please write that short story?

      It’s sounds like something I would totally buy on ebay.

      I also like that the parsons daughter is wearing a leather skirt to work. I’m assuming she’s somewhat repressed?

      I was trying to get this academic I know to write me a short pornographic story couched entirely in pseudo academic terms (you know the ones, indecipherable 8 syllable words, sentences that run into paragraphs, commas and semi colons all over the place, obscuring all sense, that kind of academia) that I could illustrate.

      But he only knows the academic terms, he’s short on the porn.

      Such a shame.

      • If by “repressed” you mean she’s under the thumb of an experienced Master who’s *making* her wear a leather skirt to work like some shameless slut, then sure, she’s “repressed”! But I think it’s more about her becoming reluctantly *unrepressed* in that odd way that stories of that sort seem to think is the way of the world.

        You’ve alluded to this story idea before (in fact, I think it was from you I discovered those ‘Geek party’ photos I so loved; I need to go back and look at that).

        But is it specifically Post-Structuralist goobledygook you’re thinking about, or something else?

        Something like: “her site of culturally-encoded feminine performativity was sopping moist. His socially conditioned masculine role stirred in his pants; unwonted urges to assert hegemony on her Other raced across his thoughts like undergrads stampeding out of a seminar after an oral reading from Deleuze. He tried to convince himself it was only her Lyotard that had this effect on him, or the way Late Capital had conditioned him in the crib to associate br/east and rest– the doughy Cultural Studies adjunct was an Essex girl, after all, and if she had paid for her degree by bumping and grinding, or rather, deconstructing the heteronormative Euclidean geometries through the assertion of the Empowering Fe/min(e)/ine ovoid immanent celebrated throughout Matriarchal pre-historic culture atop the podium that represented the obsolescent penile model of erotocommodified society, well, who was he to judge? And ‘judgement’, he reflected wistfully, was nothing more than a Reader’s Response, an interactive subjectivity that lacked valence, though he could not suppress a momentary flush as the proudful thought flickered through his Id: she ain’t never had a Reader’s Response like the one I’m about to stick to her . . . .”

  2. I love your art, and I am thankful that you liked a story of mine so I could discover it.

    Now for a deranged thought/question: Have you ever illustrated a children’s story? I’m working on one about a boy looking for his dead cat in the Kingdom of Cats, which just so happens to be in a Roman ruin. It’s not creepy, but it’s whimsical and odd and in need of pictures (and not quite but almost done), but I am always looking for cool illustrators, so give it some thought.

    If you’re interested, send word.

    Either way, be well and keep reading,


  3. Thank you very much,
    I have done a bit of children’s illustration or at least non-traumatic illustration. Although not a story, just for a young adult magazine.

    But I love that story idea. (you had me at ghost cat) Do you have any more details?

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