Flight Back to London

Flight back was not as bad as the flight out. 

At Heathrow I was off the plane, through immigration, collected my baggage and in 30 mins flat was on the Heathrow Express. Not content with this I called my cab company who were there waiting just as I got off the Paddington Express.

I have never been this efficient in my entire life.

Noticed this sign on the loo door on the plane.

No Smoking in Lavatory

There was turbulence so I couldn’t get a steady shot of the ‘No Smoking’ sign.


But as you sit on the pot, lower down the loo door is a little ash tray. How odd.

Mixed signals or really old plane?


6 thoughts on “Flight Back to London

  1. You just gave me a Freudian reader’s slip (I get those).

    I initially read your opening sentence as: “Flight back was not as bad as the fight out.”

    Are we sharing twin-thoughts? or is it me and the Ex?

    • Haha maybe you’ve somehow connected psychologically.
      did we have a fight out? Not really, our xmas fight was way ahead of xmas. And our partings usually go like this
      “Oh no, 3 days, so long! How shall we bear it?” and then once we get wherever it is, it’s,
      “yay holiday, i have no time to phone or skype or email you.”

  2. Old plane, cruelly mocking all of us who really would love to light up while whooshing across the Atlantic/Europe because really, what else is there to do?


    I’m somewhat fascinated by the little bend/bump thing to signify the stubbed cigarette.

    • Well to be honest, I never think of having a smoke on the plane. But I love that the option to break this rule is there.

      I wonder if somene can invent a device, like a bag, almost a gasmask, that flattens in your hand luggage, that you can put over your head in the loo to contain the smoke if you want to smoke secretly but not have the smell leak out under the door.

      I’m not sure if smoke rises up or sinks, but there would need to be a fabric on the inside of this bag or a patch on the top of the bag that is highly absorbent, with a charcoal filter maybe to absorb the smoke & smell.

      Once done with your smoke you fold up this head mask into a air tight bag so the smoke is contained.

      Then you need a 100ml bottle of oust to get rid of the smell if any has leaked out.

      There I think that is a totally workable plan.

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