Rape Rick Finished

Rape Rick A2 Flat Small 2

Rape Rick Final (I scanned it before I stuck the sequins on, as they won’t scan)

So I’ve finished the Rape Rick at last.

By the by, in case you were curious as to why I drew this, please read this post here.

The reason it took so long is that I sort of lost interest half way through making it and it stalled for ages.

Partly because of that app project which started eating into my evening hours as it wound up to a close. (Which I ought to post about at some point but I’m scared that people might find my blog via it. Is that paranoid? Can people do that? I don’t know but I’m nervous.)

Then I started setting up my shops and put up the Enthu Cutlet & Indian woman prints.

I was discussing this with A4, who is simultaneously doing a PhD, a jewelry class, house-hold DIY and also plans to open a chaddie (underwear) business.

I said she needs to focus more.

So do I. I also need better time management. I spend too much time faffing around instead of knuckling down and just finishing a project. I have 4/5 other projects and drawings that are half-finished. I need to make a list and tackle them one by one, and not start anything new until they are done and dusted. (Mighty last words!)

I had a wretched time painting the Rape rick. The first coat of yellow came out too wishy-washy.

Then I coloured in the black lines and promptly smudged it accidentally. So I had to paint the white again and add another coat of yellow.

So I did a second coat. Then I thought it might be too flat so I added some orange.

Too much orange I think

Too much orange I think

Then I wanted a gradient so I added more orange on the 4th coat. (I know, madness)

Then I started painting all the leaves and flowers, until on review I decided it was now far too orange so I spent the better part of 2 evenings fixing the orange back to the yellow.

Then I needed to re-paint all the flowers and leaves. Argh!

However I think the chrome yellow is a marked improvement. It had to be done.

Then I scanned it all in, and then finally stuck on the sequins. I love these sequins. The glitter didn’t work on the heavily painted yellow acrylic but I had bought the rhinestones you get to stick to bling up mobile phones and those worked really well. I’m dying to glitter something else up.

You can’t tell from the scan, but the flowers also have gold glitter on them. The text is also coloured in with a red glitter pen, and the thick black lines with a black glitter pen. The glitter pens are quite subtle. When you move you see it glinting.

Penis Close up

Penis Close up

Text & Sequins Close up

Text & Sequins Close up

Girl Close up

Girl Close up

Rape Rick Photo

Rape Rick Photo

Rape Rick Sequins

Rape Rick Sequins

I also bought a Gouache set recently, in a fit of New Years stationary madness, that I’m now beginning to slightly regret.

I keep putting my hand on the paper before the paint has dried. Or dropping water on it.

Or even ash if I’m smoking and painting.

Even my ear phones are now covered in yellow and orange since I’ve been watching TV on my laptop while I paint and the wires tend to drag over my palette.

So I don’t know why I bought the Gouache set. (Gouache will move if you add water. Acrylics once dry, set solid.) All that will happen is that I’ll make an unholy mess all over the place. At least acrylics don’t shift once they’re dry.

God painting is so hard. I have no idea what I’m doing.


24 thoughts on “Rape Rick Finished

  1. Wow. You actually have little ejaculating penises in the corners. That’s amazing. 😀 (And you seem to be doing great painting… envies your clean clean clean lines…. ><) It's a rape rick, but it's beautiful!

    • Thank you but the paint bits are only the yellow and the white.

      Everything else is dry mediums (crayon, feltpen, ball pen).

      I am far too messy, but Im’ trying to use more wet stuff. Also my desk is too small I think. no elbow room or paint pot room

  2. How easy it is to instill fear. Does the process of turning those feelings into a piece of art lessen the fear I wonder?
    The young woman looks so delicate and vulnerable against that backdrop.

    • I don’t know, I think that was the plan. To mock my own paranoia, but the problem is that it doesn’t really work in the situation. It won’t go away, but at least I can laugh at it.

      The other problem is that it’s not just an empty paranoia. And in Bombay I doubt anyone would ever get caught and convicted. In fact I probably wouldn’t even report it in Bombay, the cops don’t give a shit about rape. They don’t here either. You serve more time for evading tax than for a rape. God forbid you fuck the government, but girls? Sure anytime.

  3. This is superb. If I didn’t have easily-shocked peeps living in my house, I’d totally have this on a wall.

    Somewhat unrelated, but a chaddi business? It seems so much work. Just yesterday Guardian had a DIY thingie of making chaddi out of old t-shirt. I ended up clicking on it just to see whether it was actually doable. It is, if you’re ok with doing lots of neat stitching. And if you can find “lingerie elastic”. I can just see myself looking for the stuff in Crawford Market.

    • I’m trying to convince the ex to hang it up,

      also I’ve decided to make this a textile print – just the penises on yellow i mean. I’m going to submit it to Spoon-flower (digital print on textile of any pattern)

      2. A4 isn’t going to sit and make the chaddies, she and the ex want to go into the business. We’re talking 50,000 chaddies minimum here.

      I think you cold probably find the elastic in Santa Cruz market gullies, they have a lot of haberdashery stuff there.

  4. Pffft to you! Any self respecting Londoner and ‘artist’ knows that the Turner prize winners and nominees are… oh gosh suddenly feeling so sleepy *yawn*

    The Turnip Prize on the other hand is where its at. Look it up. ‘Artists’ can be disqualified for displaying too much talent.

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