Business Card: Round 2

Ok here we go. Round 2.

I did this vector thing when I was re-designing my website.

That all went to shit. I mean, Flash is like, so over man.

Also it was a head-ache to update. So I took it down.

Then I stopped paying because their customer service sucks and only newcomers get the good deals while everyone else gets shafted.

So I have this vector thing I might as well make use of it on my card, since it’s kind of relevant.

Yellow is cheerful no?

I probably will never use these, but it’s good practice designing them.

Text Arrangement 1. Centered

Text Arrangement 2. Can’t decide.

Back card 2

13 thoughts on “Business Card: Round 2

    • the one with the illustration? Because there is an awkward gap that the vector thingie doesn’t fit neatly

      In a way the text is not really necessary, but the gap without it doesn’t look right

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