Kala Khatta Gola

Kala Khatta Gola

Kala Khatta Gola

I once ate 5 of these one after another.

I couldn’t speak the next day.

But god they are delicious.

So I bought some ice lolly cases on Ebay and made the concentrate from the Rasna packet.

The ice lollies are pretty good, but the texture is just not quite like the real thing.


11 thoughts on “Kala Khatta Gola

  1. This reminds me a bit of a little girl in an Italian restaurant who was very excited about her order of chicken alfredo. She had a little song going:

    “Chicken al-FRAY-dooo!!
    Chicken alfre-DOOO!!
    Chicken al-FRAY-doo!!
    Chicken al-fre-i-DOOOO!!

    Chicken al-FRAY-dooo!!
    Chicken alfre–DOOO!!
    Chicken al– one time, I ate two whole plates of chicken alfredo,
    I got so sick I almost threw up!–

    Chicken al-FRAY-doooo!!
    Chicken alfre-DOOOO!!
    Chicken al-FRAY- . . . . “

      • Who said anything about ice cream? (you do know what chicken alfredo is, right?)

        What’s “the same” is two females merrily overindulging themselves to the point of sickness.

        Which, seeing as how I just ate a pizza with pizza and coffee and then finished off a bottle of sherry, might be a club I’m eligible for. Though for the moment I feel fine– a little *light* but fine . . .

        • oh thaaaaat! Yes good point. I actually am only vaguely aware that a chicken alfredo is some kind of dish. With a creamy sauce?

          But you can’t just eat one gola. It has to be 2 or 3 at least.
          Although i should add I haven’t eaten one from a golawala since I got jaundice.

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