Mystery Unfinished Sentences on London Bus Stops: Update

The mystery deepens.

It gets curiouser and curiouser.

Yesterday on the bus home from work I definitely noted that 3 of the 4 sentence-signs were missing.

I was actively looking out for them you see. (Sometimes I forget and don’t watch the stops.)

In fact that was sort of why I published that post a few days ago (I wrote it in late Jan), I figured it’d better go up while it was still partly relevant and at least one sign was left.

I assumed someone working at TFL was just taking them down. (Vandalism and all that. You know how uptight they are.)

However today I looked out for them, just to see if they’d all be gone, and lo and behold!

They were back!

Not just back, but looking distinctly cleaner than before!

What is going on?? Who is this person taking these signs down, cleaning them and putting them back up again?

Or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Is my fragile eggshell mind cracking??

Oh god.

My mind is all gone.

I must try to get better photographs if possible. Maybe tomorrow or on Sunday.

(Indolence allowing, and man, am I indolent.)

9 thoughts on “Mystery Unfinished Sentences on London Bus Stops: Update

  1. Fun. Mysterious. Perhaps you should write your questions on sticky notes and leave them near the sentence-signs. WTH, it might be interesting. Or you could start your own and see what happens.

    • The problem with a response is:

      1. The bus stop roof is way over my head – Reaching would be a problem
      2. These are proper big signs.
      3. The most i could do would be to print a questionnaire and stick it on the bus stop.
      4. I’m shockingly lazy.

  2. Interesting. Maybe the person saw your earlier post and thought they better clean them up if your readers/followers will be looking out for them. 😉

  3. This is surely some kind of ‘public’ thing, no? A promotional for the Olympics perhaps?

    Or some kind of ‘installation’ from one of the Cool Britainia fartists, installed by an army of bruised-elbow art students with the tacit approval of the authorities.

    Doubtless you’re not the only one who’s noticed them. They’re ‘waiting’ to go viral.

    They could learn something, though, from the propaganda geniuses who are bracing the American public for the hour when the Green Berets mow down an army of zombie child soldiers in the final reckoning with Kony.

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