The Winged Horse: Update with Image

Arthur in all his glory.

Arthur in all his glory.

A closer, more garish view.

A closer, more garish view.

Oh no. What have I done??

My previous post has made the ex consider buying another hideous delightful statue.

(Thank god they’re so expensive.)

I think that the horse is probably the best of the bunch.

The cats are unbearably naff as our dear leader (Foz, my M.A tutor) would have said.


5 thoughts on “The Winged Horse: Update with Image

  1. What on earth is that thing near its bum? It looks like a soap dispenser’s been attached the horse’s behind. It also leans like a deeply drunk horse trying to stand straight.

    I’ve no idea what was going on with my internet but 5 attempts to comment on the last post failed. This is particularly infuriating because I think attempt no.1 comprised a funny observation. Except by the time attempt no. 4 was being made, I’d forgotten the observation and had only a grit-your-teeth determination to beat the system and post a comment, any comment dammit. As it turned out, I failed.


    • well done! I do hate losing a fun comment. I feel your pain. Did the browser back button not recover it?

      The thing on its bum is some pot, it looks like a ghee pot or a creamer with a little burtan next to it. You also probably can’t see it but there is a turtle riding it. (The turtle is tucked in-between the wings.) That’s right. Turtle riding a horse.

      This is actually one of his more restrained pieces. You should see the life size desi-type cow.

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