Zombie Parasites

Zombie Parasite

Zombie Parasite infected snail. The eyeballs! The eyeballs!

I looked into the parasite-snail thing I vaguely mentioned as a comparison to shopping with the ex in Selfridges a couple of weeks ago, and after a quick search I found the exact clip I was looking for on the interweb (although I’m sure the original clip was voiced by Attenborough.)

This little video has been on my mind for years. I can’t ever forget it.
So I’m passing it on. Enjoy



5 thoughts on “Zombie Parasites

  1. Holy shit. This is even more disgusting than I imagined. This is like an eyeworm– the vision is creeping into my brain. It’s pulsing like a maggot. Oh, man, why did you have to show me this?

  2. I fear I might have to watch this since my imagination has run away with me for 2 days now…… Please don’t make me….. is it really bad?

    Oh NOOOOOOOO! Nasty! I hope you feel that’s a ‘problem shared’ and it won’t be necessary to inflict this on anyone else.

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