Free Shipping Worldwide on Society6

Gola Featured on Mumbai Boss

Gola Featured on Mumbai Boss

Hey Peoples,

Was featured on Mumbai Boss! Yay

How sweet is that?

Speaking of sweet there is a free worldwide shipping offer on at Society6.

Go buy some Kala Khatta Stuff now.


7 thoughts on “Free Shipping Worldwide on Society6

  1. Zombie parasites!! Artists with free shipping online!! Ahh, it all comes together . . .

    Teasing. The plug at the link looks nice. Your street cred is looking up!

    Sure you can’t be talked into “selling out” a bit?

    Is there some kind of mammarian/orifice subtext in this? I mean, *for you*, since I assume this is what the refreshment in question actually looks like served, more or less.

    There’s something vaguely suggestive of a breast pump or some kind of nipple suction cup in the way that thing hangs, sponge-like, inside the glass with that dripping from its bottom.

    Or a penis with a straw. Could be a penis with a straw . . . .

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