Starring: Vasant Dhoble’s Head III

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Vasant Dhoble’s head continues to float about, looking intolerably smug and generally being a humongous ass.

And although the internet and people on twitter have expressed their rage who the hell knows if anything will come out of it.

“I will be able to register cases for immoral activities in each and every hotel. There is no single discotheque where there are no such activities taking place,”

Vasant Dhoble Off Duty

Vasant Dhoble Off Duty.

Dhoble is rounding up all the city strays. They too, have no sense of morality.

Dhoble is rounding up all the city strays. They too, have no sense of morality.

Dhoble ke peeche kya hai? (some tedious politician most probably)

Dhoble ke peeche kya hai? (some tedious politician most probably)

Vasant Dhoble's head flys over Mumbai, looking out for our safety

Vasant Dhoble’s head flys over Mumbai, looking out for our safety

No sex in the city

No sex in the city

Use the cut out head of Vasant Dhoble below to create your very own Vasant Dhoble moment!

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16 thoughts on “Starring: Vasant Dhoble’s Head III

  1. I realize you’re a hometown girl at heart and all, but aren’t you getting a little carried away here?

    Mal use can make a person paranoid. What happened? You lost your lighter and now you think it’s him that took it? He’s only, what, 4,000 miles away?

    Or is he closing down your mom’s tattoo parlor? That *could* be a problem . . .

      • Mmmm. I read a few articles at the Times of India (which you may or may not consider a useful source) and one other thing.

        I see that there are a few extreme accusations coming from the fringes, but I don’t know if that’s credible or not. Mostly the Times pieces portray him as just carrying out orders. Read between the lines, it sounds as if it *could* be a tempest in a teapot: basically, posher partyers pissed at the hastle.

        I mean, maybe he *is* corrupt or thuggish. I don’t know. Or you can argue, as probably we would, that some of the laws are antiquated.

        On the other hand, there’s a case to be made that, if clamping down on upscale discotheques is the price a municipality pays for also getting to clamp down on prostitution, that seems like a fair trade. I mean, serious criminality hurts the victims of that crime much more than denying the Beautiful People loud music at 4am hurts the BP.

        I’m sure you’re much better informed about the actual situation on the ground there, and I’m not denying that. But I’m making this as a general sort of argument. Too often, glitzy people excuse their own vices because they don’t have to live with the ramifications for others. Prada people sniffing coke off a glass mantlepiece in Ibiza don’t have to worry about how many drug gangs killed, tortured, blackmailed, or bribed however many people for that coke to get there, and how their lifestyle subsidizes that (oh, but god forbid their coffee isn’t Fair Trade!), any more than they’re likely to have to worry, say, about the social/financial consequences of rehab, or getting caught. They’re insulated from the real costs (costs, I would argue, that might be somewhat mitigated but never eliminated, even by a libertarian legalized drug market). All they care about is their good time.

        Maybe the Bombay story is totally different. But I’m picking up a thread that suggests something like this is a *part* of the controversy; that upscale people are fretted by the hamper on their lifestyle, even tho there’s an *arguable* real benefit for some people who really may need it (ie. not having a brothel next door).

        –I didn’t mean to write an op-ed! But looks like things are pretty slow (or rather, probably, very busy) on your end.

        • Well he is a pretty dubious character this Vasant Dhoble.

          What is ironic is that the Shiv Sena, who usually are all about moral policing, seem to be against him now. They must have some bars/clubs of their own.

          Deepanjana Pal wrote a much more sensible post about it on Mumbai Boss than I possibly could.

          Personally I think the complaints against this guy are legitimate and not unreasonable. A cop with a hockey stick is not really the kind of guy you’d trust with your ‘safety’.

          • Errrgghhh . . . I dunno, Janine.

            Really, I’m not trying to spoil *your* fun; you seem to be enjoying your little pin-the-tail game, and that’s fine. If nothing else, you’re free to caricature him for being the “morality police” here.

            But I have to say, by journalistic standards the linked piece above is worisome. I mean, as opinion it’s well-written, and maybe you follow and admire the writer.

            But do we know whether this alleged beating prisoners is more than hearsay, or he said/she said? I mean, maybe the police *did* lie at trial, sure. But what’s the evidence?

            And while I perfectly understand that no society truly enforces all its laws; and that some, obviously ridiculous or obsolescent, laws will be challenged and thrown out the minute someone tries to enforce them, there’s something a bit cynical about the author’s attitude that, basically, ‘how dare this cop pretend he’s just enforcing the laws.’ I dunno, maybe he *is* just enforcing the laws.

            Maybe he’s silly about it, too. But there may be an element here of self-protection by people who don’t want to be caught partying as hard as they really do.

            I noted, btw, at the Times one of the protest leaders is called “DJ Jenny D”.

            Really?? What sort of asinine dj calls herself “Jenny D”? She sounds like a 9th grader spinning for her bff’s birthday party.

  2. Oh here’s something odd.

    I looked up DJ Jenny D, and supposedly she’s posed nude?

    But all these “nude” photos somehow have the colors of the Indian flag wrapped around her zones? I can’t tell if its some censored photo effect or an actual diaphanous cloth. Anyway, I don’t call that “nude.” She needs to get with the program.

    Then I found something about how Jenny D wants Veena Malik and Sunny Leone “out”. I’m not sure what “out” means– out of the country?

    But I realized that I’ve actually wikipediaed both Malik and Leone before. The 1st is a Pakistani entertainer (cute, but those Paki talent shows are very ridiculous). Sunny Leone’s a porn star whose wiki entry I had meant to do a blog post on– it’s the funniest little “perfect” porn actress bio imaginable.

    I mean everything’s a slippery slope: she was just gonna do topless photos, nothing else; then just softcore with girls, nothing else; she was never gonna do a scene with another guy, then she did. She was never gonna do a threesome, then she did. She was never gonna get a boob job . . . .

    Maybe Jenny D’s threatened by the competition.

    • Oh, but I see Sunny’s born in Ontario, to Sikh parents. But she’s flirted with getting into Bollywood for $1 million.

      She shaved off her bush to protest the George W. Bush presidency. Tho she wasn’t a citizen then.

    • Well I don’t agree at all. There is a great deal of evidence about his despotic behaviour. And no one is worrying about being ‘caught’ partying hard. This is a city of some god knows how many millions, people go out they drink whatever. Its their business. Why should anyone be ‘caught’? Going out after midnight is partying hard according to you. Nonsense. Seriously.

      • Not according to *me*. But what do the laws say? I dunno. I assume there’s a liquor license or something, right?

        Overcrowding in nighclubs *can* be terrifyingly lethal. Israelis are notorious for flouting construction laws, then you get things like that wedding party where the floor caved in on camera, killing– what was it, a dozen people or more?

        But if Double (?) was already accused of brutality, why was he put in this position of authority? Or if he’s dangerous and tyrannical, why weren’t there protests against this monster before he started closing down venues?

        Are people being shot, gassed, tasered? I’m missing that if it’s so.

        It might be a damper on people’s fun, but then, they should get the laws changed.

        Maybe he is despotic, but maybe he’s just heavy-handed. You can mock at heavy-handedness, but it’s not the same thing as tyranny.

        • Thats part of the joke. Have you seen the trains? Why isn’t he raiding those? Mumbai bureaucracy is riddled with corruption, as is this cop. Someone somewhere has decided to kick up a dust. I don’t know if this is to get establishments to pay more money (which I believe they have to anyway) or what. But it is not because it is the ‘law’. This cop is not a guy who worries about the ‘law’ aside from when it suits his purpose. But as for no one noticing before, who does notices anything anywhere until it directly concerns you?

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