The Horror. The Horror.

I just added my Mom to Facebook.



It’s the beginning of the end.

The most depressing sign.

The most depressing sign. I think it’s the use of the full stops that makes this so depressing. Something so final about it. And there wasn’t a closing down sale either. It just closed.


15 thoughts on “The Horror. The Horror.

  1. The only reason I’ve not committed Facebook suicide is that it appears to be the only way to stay in touch with my father.

    • Oh fuck. I just realised I accidentally didn’t put my mother on restricted for over 24 hours. The good thing is she never uses a computer, and wont remember a url. If my father finds this blog i’ll have to move AGAIN. christ

      • He doesn’t like telephone conversations. Writing is more his thing. And posting stuff on Facebook that range from sweet to entirely tacky. Parents, I tell you.

  2. Hahahahahaha – I have my Mom on facebook and if she don’t like it she can lump it. I’m more concerned about having my children grow up and get their own accounts and, heaven forfend, send me a ‘friend request’ – pox on that, I’m not their bloody friend I’m their Parent – BEEEEEEG Difference! I’m going to try and calm down now – it can only legally happen in 9 years time – it’s going to be Okay!

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