Sketch Book – Watercolour Update

So clearly I cannot use watercolours to good effect.

I went over my sketch with my trusty ball pen and felt better about it.

Although it was a failure in watercolour technique, it might come in handy when I’m trying to colour in large areas of drawings to use a water-colour base.

I did this in my Pool drawing, using an ink wash for the water, then going over it with a felt pen to give it texture.

I find the best use I can get out of paints is as a base or a cover up as opposed to the main medium.

Being a prime clutz, I cannot, really cannot, paint without accidentally leaving a thumbprint or a splotch somewhere or the other.

Sketch Book - 17th Cent Lady (Actual Size)

Sketch Book – 17th Cent Lady (Actual Size)

17th Cent Lady Crop (Enlarged)

17th Cent Lady Crop (Enlarged)

Before & After. Might tackle the background. Not sure. Rather like the contrast right now.

Before & After. Might tackle the background. Not sure. Rather like the contrast right now.


17 thoughts on “Sketch Book – Watercolour Update

  1. I think its ok to leave splotches and fingerprints – gives a watercolour that individual touch 😀 Other than that, yeah watercolour is a challenging medium… In the past, I found that whe I work with it, I had more fun if I didn’t worry about keeping tidy…splotch away TIn Roof, splotch away! You may fall in love with the result :)))) I do like how your piece turned out…it was a good decision.

  2. I think this looks really good! Watercolour is tough, but stubbornness get you a long way. I like that it has flaws, as it adds life to your work. I really hope to see more watercolour work from you soon.

    • Thank you, but I think it annoys me too much. I’ll leave it to people who can do it. I used to use it in school and it annoyed me then. There are too many mediocre watercolour paintings out there as it is.

  3. I think you should face facts. Watercolours are not your thing. Reynolds pens are. Watercolours + reynolds also. Watercolour is meant to be loose, you’re far more controlled in your technique.

  4. I am impressed with the end result. How did you achieve the dark, textured patina in between the lines? Are ball pens the same as ball-point pens? I’m perplexed.

    It’s great how you show the before and after, also. I am most comfortable using watercolors (obviously, i guess) but have sworn off acrylics – even though most of the artists I know say that watercolors are a hard medium to learn. To each his own. It sounds like you’ve found what works for you, and that’s the way to go!

  5. Oh that is much, much, MUCH nicer. I like the detailing in her hair and there’s a nice aquiline snootiness to her feature now that you’ve worked on them with pen.

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