WordPress Tag: Blog Nominations

So this seems to be a WordPress game of ‘tag’.

The clinically lazy, somewhat anti-social part of me wants to say thank you for the nomination and then not have to do anything.

(Like tag, if you get tagged you have to tag a bunch of people starting with the person who tagged you.)

But the enthu cutlet part of me has decided to play. In fact I got nominated before for something, but I can’t remember what. I’m going to roll that nomination into this one.

I always liked tag.

Me and the neighbour would gang up on my brother.

He was always ‘it’, poor bastard.

Here are the Rules of WP Tag:

Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

Here you go. (Funny blog)

Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.


I masturbate when bored. (That’s why I’m so glad I never have to read an ISCE text-book ever again. This also explains why my MA thesis was such a failure.)

Is that the kind of information you want? Can that hefty chunk count as all 7?

What if I told you I started at 10? Probably earlier. I had no idea what I was doing.

I think I’m bored with Barbara Cartland’s now. Or at least, for now.

I’ve decided those 3 mega shares count as 7 combined.

Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.

This one is easy. I’ve chosen largely WordPress blogs. In no-particular order.

1. The Middlest Sister.

Everyone who uses WordPress will come across this brilliant blog-comic at some point. If you havent read it you must. It’s like ‘Little Women’ in cut paper and no one dies. Except maybe a hamster.

2. Bring me the head of David Dixon.

The head of David Dixon Speaks. Another blog comic.

3. Anon & Anon

A good arty farty blog. With lots of great reviews and rants and art stuff. Desi based mostly.

4. Boggleton Drive

Another great comic. Learn how to fix your spelling, punctuation and grammer. Grammar? I’ve learned nothing.

5. The Girl In The Hat

Excerpts and lovely short stories.

6. Moofiate

A fun blog with rants and beautiful gay boy sketches and swearing.

7. Hungry & Excited

A desi food blog with gorgeous photos, unlike most of the food photography blogs out there (Generally soft pastels on white e.g. Soft focus macaroons on rustic kitchen tables and shit. Bored of it.)

8. Charlotte Hu Photography

I love her photographs. Her Secret Cinema post filled me with envy.

9. Draw & Shoot

She draws, she shoots. Well, mostly she shoots. Very sparse and sometimes alien landscapes.

10. Steve McCurry

Die. His photographs. Fuck. So good.  I’m defo not tagging him. He’s a proper professional photographer. Like he cares about this award game.

11. Averil Dean

A writer. Lots of intimate posts. I like intimate.

12. Bizzybiz Blog

I’m obsessed with this blog. She’s reading and reviewing 50 Shades of Grey chapter by chapter, rant by rant.

13. Caitlin Clarkson Illustration

Cute illustrations. Watercolours usually, my bête noir.

14. Illustration Age

Illustration featured daily. Great blog.

15. Lucious Somesuch

I enjoy following this blog because of the insane dedication to a group of Korean pop-star clones in this band called Tara. There are some other Korean bands with nearly identical women in them. I still can’t tell any of them apart. Also the fonts and typesetting are insane. I used to hate the typesetting but it grew on me.

Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Darn. The problem is most of these blogs are already swimming in awards.

The Middlest Sister (for example) is constantly being awarded awards. I don’t think I need to contact her. She won’t care any more.

She’ll probably be publishing a book soon and then there’s the animated series / movie.

It’ll happen people. It just has to. Her comics are too good.

Here are some photos under the general heading of

“Rain Rain Go Away. Seriously. Fuck.”

Rain Clouds Essex Road

Rain Clouds Essex Road

Renaissance Clouds & Windows

Renaissance Clouds & Windows

Merchants Hall Clouds

Merchants Hall Clouds

Green Park Tube Wet

Green Park Tube Wet

Deck Chairs & Umbrellas

Deck Chairs & Umbrellas

Neglected Deck Chairs

Neglected Deck Chairs

Neglected Deck Chairs Closer

Neglected Deck Chairs Closer

Ritz Umbrellas

Ritz Umbrellas

Kings Cross Hotel entrance

Kings Cross Hotel entrance

Kings Cross Hotel entrance doorman

Kings Cross Hotel entrance doorman

Wet Road Highbury

Wet Road Highbury


25 thoughts on “WordPress Tag: Blog Nominations

  1. Hey, I haven’t been over to your place in ages. Have to go through and catch up on all the fun with the illus and the ex I missed!! And thanks for the nomination, but I’m soooooo lazy….. :< :< and I hurt my hand recently and can only use it limitedly, so I have to keep it spry for my masturba–I mean… drawing marathons. So I may not perpetuate…..
    But thank you!

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