The New Pets: Venus Flytrap & Cactus Trio

The ex and I went to Columbia Road market this morning, ostensibly to buy some pots but the glint in the eyes of the Venus flytrap below seduced me.

I have always wanted one.

There is something so deeply glamorous about them.

The ex and I had a few hissing-spitting squabbles on the way back from the market, in our usual style.

Heat + compost + pots + plants + busses = undiluted, unadulterated rage.

The fly in the ointment is that I’m a bit worried that I’m going to kill her. (How upsetting)

She only drinks filtered water / rain water.

She doesn’t like tap. Fussy thing.

Fly in ointment reminds me, I need to start murdering some bugs for her pleasure.

God, I’ve turned into Renfield.

The new pet

The new pet

What should I name her?

What should I name her?

I tried feeding her some ants. Frankly, she didn't seem particularly keen.

I tried feeding her some ants. Frankly, she didn’t seem particularly keen.

Resting on some moss.

Resting on some moss.

Aw so cute

Aw so cute

Coochie coochie coo!

Coochie coochie coo!

Tri-colour cactus set I also fell for

Tri-colour cactus set we also fell for

Pinky closeup

Pinky closeup

Yellow Cactus Closeup

Yellow Cactus Closeup


27 thoughts on “The New Pets: Venus Flytrap & Cactus Trio

  1. The Venus Flytrap is so cute!! O_O I used to have one… okay, three. Trappy One, Two and Three… I think Trappy Three lived for like two years…. Your post might result in Trappy Four. >__>

    • Oh no! Trappy 1,2,3 doesn’t bode well for the future of my new pet!

      Found this care FAQ which, although very funny and well written, is rather scary.

      I need to get a bell jar for the humidity and I’m worried about the bug hunting!

      I live in a concrete block.

      I’m going to have to hunt down the odd spider or so. 😦 Shame. I quite like spiders

  2. Dude! Love love love!! SO pretty!!
    I have the blackest of black thumbs around. Everything that makes its way into my home, DIES. Do you think cacti might be a good option?

    • I have the same problem. Which is also why I bought the cactus. Water once in 2 weeks. And forgetting about them is fine. they prefer it.

      If i kill little Trappy / Penelope / Evelin I’m fucking buying another one.

        • I think so too. I love cacti. I bought one ages ago similar to these, it thrived for years. Another one is still growing some 15 years later and has multiplied into innumerable other pots. I recommend them. They are easy. The less you care the better they like it.

  3. I found bugs!

    Spent 10 minutes in the park in the afternoon hunting for bugs.

    Turns out the park near work had a host of flies for some reason near the borders.

    Swatted a bunch with my Metro. Killed a few, but 2 managed to stay stunned but alive.

    Carted them home in a emptied out pencil box and fed them to the new baby.

    Muwahahahah! I am Renfield!!

    • Well, yes its still alive, but I’ve bought it distilled water online so I dont have the water issues. (expensive!)

      It still may not get enough sunlight (Fucking UK weather) so lets see how it goes. It just spat out the remains of the flies i fed it last week. So far its ok.

  4. I am a big fan of carnivorous plants– pitcher plants and trumpets, too– although they only drink distilled, precious girls. The VF is perfect for you, though it matches the old sofa better, does it not?

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