Visual Disobedience Featured in the Sunday Midday

Sunday Midday Cover

Sunday Midday Cover

Sunday Midday Piece on Visual Disobedience

Sunday Midday Piece on Visual Disobedience

A new curated online art platform that is being launched in Bombay, and which was featured in yesterdays Sunday Midday (Yay! And my drawing was on the cover! See above)

There will be a launch party and art exhibition sometime at the end of September.

I’ve sent some digital prints to sell for the launch exhibition by post. I only hope it gets there in time.

(Crossed finger and toes)

Do check out the site:

Lots of interesting, young, desi artists who aren’t all total fuddy-duddies. (Is that bad? To say fuddy-duddies. Should I be more politically correct and say traditional artists? My observation of the bigger Indian painters is a tad limited but is as follows: Use shades of browns, be abstract, chuck in a indian woman with a pot. If in doubt, always stick an Indian woman holding pot in your painting. If you object to the pot, replace with child. Indian woman holding child.)

I especially love the street murals of Jas Charanjiva, who was also featured above. Bandra has never looked so interesting as it does now. (Lots of street art, murals, hidden gems. Riddhi took me on a rickshaw street art tour a couple of years ago. Someone should organise those regularly.)

My profile post here where I answer some questions badly:

I really never know how to answer these Q&A’s in a proper arty-farty way.


15 thoughts on “Visual Disobedience Featured in the Sunday Midday

      • Elitism in art isn’t just a problem in India but it’s so difficult to make a living as an artist unless you’re prepared to pander to the desires of people with money – that’s why we get crap art [in my opinion] from the likes of Damien Hirst selling for obscene amounts of money to people with more cash than sense, knowledge or taste. That’s very judgemental I know, but hey – I don’t care 🙂 Well done on having your work recognised 🙂

        • ah thank you. I think for Hirst, it depends. I do like some of his pieces. But then I also think that a lot of his work is admin, (organising stuff, getting a tank made for the shark, buying the shark, buying a bunch of butterflies etc) which i don’t think I could ever do, so in a way I rather admire artists with purely admin skills. From what I’ve seen most indian buyers are investor types or like to buy paintings to match the couch. (HATE THAT) They don’t like art, but they see long term value in it.

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