Paan & Pet Peeve

I was reading a desi food blog about how to make paan so drew this. It’s just a bit of time pass.

If I had a company I’d name it ‘Timepass’.

I posted it on but forgot to on here.



I’ve been working on a new big drawing lately.

So trying to blog less because I can’t do both.

I was going to fill the windows up with thousands of tiny people crammed up to the glass, but now I think I’m going to use collages of photos of landfills.

Breeding sketch (A1)

Breeding sketch (A1)

Breeding sketch (A1) - Closeup work in progress

Breeding sketch (A1) – Closeup work in progress

My pet peeve – Work in progress.



25 thoughts on “Paan & Pet Peeve

  1. The Paan illustration is delightful, and I’m very excited to see how the breeding pic turns out. It sounds ambitious. I’m in the midst of completing a watercolor that is a little too ambitious. But over the weekend, some progress was made that gives me hope. Do you ever experience this? It seems like there’s a point in almost every painting where DESPAIR takes over, then I make it to the top of the hill, and I realize things are going to be okay.

    • well…. yes sometimes. although its usually during the drawing part that i either lose focus or interest or a character doesn’t work itself out nicely. once the outlines are finalised and i start colouring it (i still draw like i’m in kindergarden, pencil, then colour then outline) i get into it. Then its like when dorothy went from kansas to oz.

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