Progress I

Making inroads into the drawing of the Breeders.

Yesterday made a lot of progress.

19 thoughts on “Progress I

  1. Good stuff. Those red leg rests are freaking me out (which is a good thing). Bleddy hell. Also, I see those babies on the conveyor belt and am reminded of sushi. Which is going to make eating at one of those conveyor belt sushi places a little uncomfortable.

  2. You know in theory the conveyor belt with food is a good idea, but in practice it depends on how close to the chef you sit, otherwise all the good ones get taken.

    I’m glad the rest legs freak you out. breeding freaks me out. according to reports the uk is going to have the biggest baby boom since the 1970s shortly. I shudder at the thought.

  3. Wow. I am enrapt. Your designs have this dual effect of mesmerizing with pattern and repetition, while also having a lot actually going in them. It’s impossible to view them only as “design” or only as a “scene” … they’re BOTH!

  4. I reminded myself just on the instant of that scene in “Ghost World” where Thora Birch in her leather jacket, hair freshly dyed green, walks into the bookstore and accosts the two dudes debating the best way to dispose of a corpse: “Don’t you guys ever talk about anything light and fluffy, like the Easter Bunny?” And one guy responds, “Look who’s talking, little miss badass.” And the other mouths off something about Sid Vicious or something, and she pouts: “Blow me, doofus!”

    Well, anyway: I was about to say something like, “J, you’re a healthy-bodied woman of a still-fertile age, don’t you think you grind this ax a little too–”

    But whatevs. The bloodred stirrupy things *are* unnerving. Since they don’t appear to be real stirrups, that perhaps makes them more unnerving. I know I’ve already mentioned “Dead Ringers” around here before but, if you haven’t seen it, you’d better queue up.

    Whatever babyboom Britain might have, it’s all going to be fresh from the boat mommas. Just sayin’. . . .

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