Fog, Gloom & Christmas Lights

I don’t think I’m getting my passport back before Christmas, so I’ll be all alone (sniff) here in this miserable, wet, cold, grey, foggy, grim, London.


Fog Gradient

Fog Gradient

Bridge Fog

Bridge Fog

Lit Mannequin

Lit Mannequin

Animal Lights

Animal Lights

I’ve never seen so many lights and Christmas stuff crammed into one store.

I managed to animate the photo. Rather pleased about it.


7 thoughts on “Fog, Gloom & Christmas Lights

  1. Love that first gray one. And the naked bust at the bar. Sorry about your passport (I must have missed something) but I must say, the thought of alone time at home is like a wet dream. Please. Can we switch places.

    • 🙂 time alone home is good, but it would also be much nicer to be in Bombay in the warmth. Also I’m spoilt rotten on my once a year visits home. Having me in small doses is usually for the best.

  2. Where the devil’s the Ex flown off to? she hasn’t *abandoned* you, I trust?

    Tho surely it’s early to start the holidays. Shopping, yes; but the Christmas blues a month ahead? That’s positively decadent.

    Judging from the drift of this montage, you’ll wind up in some sex cabaret for Christmas Eve. Go to church afterwards.

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