Mask Painting

This year I spent my Christmas in London, snug and lazy like a curled bug, barely leaving the flat for about 10 days.

It was great. I’m so sad it’s over now.

The Ex and I were invited to one New Years Eve party with a masquerade theme.

(This is only the 3rd NYE I’ve spent in London. The last party was in a house that was “smoke free”. I’ll say no more.

It really annoys me when people who are smokers (as was the owner of this house who has come to our house and smoked inside), who then throws a party in the middle of winter and insists that everyone goes outside into the snow and rain to smoke. What the fuck? You suck and your party sucks, please never invite me again. So there. Huff!

In any case, I neglected to tell the Ex there was a theme to this years NYE party much to the Ex’s annoyance.

I wasn’t planning to bother getting a mask, being deep in the throes of my sloth, but the ex insisted.

So dragging ourselves up and finally changing out of PJ’s, we tripped off to Cass Art, purchased some cardboard masks, paint (like I really needed any), glitter and some sparkly beads and set to work like little enthu cutlets.

It was nearly a whole day of arts and drafts. The Ex, not usually a fan of either, really went for it. We even bought better elastic and ribbon.

We had a small spat in the art shop because my GENIUS suggestions for the Ex’s mask (Purple glitter paint or white glitter paint and lots of beads + feathers) were rejected and the Ex went to ask one of the shop girls for advice and ended up buying a single tube of silver paint that cost £8.00. 8!!!!!! Tiny tube!

The Ex thinks the higher the price the better the product.

Admittedly the paint was a lovely metallic silver.

But come on.

8 pounds on paint for a one-time-wear mask for a party? Seriously.

So only 6 hours after we decided on our brilliant plan of action for the party did we finally finish our masks.

The Ex grew mildly competitive half way through. (To see who would have the better mask)

It was rather good fun. Here are some crafty photos of the mess.

Mask painting begins

Mask painting begins

Look at all that mess. Took ages for the glitter to dry

Look at all that mess. Took ages for the glitter to dry

Eventually had to blow dry the paint. That did it.

Eventually had to blow dry the paint. That did it.

Mask Finished

Mask Finished

My mask (The Queen) & The Ex's mask

My mask (The Queen) & The Ex’s mask

photo 8


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