Home Alone – Captain’s Log, Star Date 09.02.2013

Weekend #1 of partner being away: 

Ate the dokhla the ex kindly made before leaving, slowly over 4-5 days

Went shopping for food last Friday so would be stocked up with ready-meals for the weekend and most of the week.

Increased my intake of plums.

Cleaner cleaned half-heartedly on Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon sat in front on my drawing for many hours. Occasionally rallied to draw a single line. Promptly sank back into lethargic nearly-end-of-drawing-stupor

Did some laundry.

Stayed up till 4 on the Saturday watching Wonders of the Universe.

No reported psychedelic dreams on this occasion.

Went to bed at a reasonable hour on Sunday.

Didn’t leave the flat until Monday morning.

Weekend #2 of partner being away: 

Dry laundry still in the washing machine.

Run out of underwear.

Am forced to go to the washing machine instead of my clothes drawer.

Didn’t re-stock food supplies all week.

Forgot to defrost food in the freezer.

Went to the pub on Thursday. Ate instant noodles for dinner.

Forgot to defrost food in the freezer again.

Went to the Monty’s on Friday. Ate 1/2 pack of salt and vinegar crisps, 1 dark chocolate bounty & 2 plums for dinner.

Went to bed at a totally unreasonable hour.

Saturday morning no cleaner.

Have very considered plans not to leave the flat at all this weekend.

Need to buy food.

Conflict with earlier resolution not to leave flat.

May need to eat more instant noodles.

End of Captain’s Log.

Boat - Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

Boat – Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

Dot room - Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

Dot room – Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

Dot room - Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

Dot room – Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

Dot room - Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

Dot room – Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

Mirror Room - Yaoi Kusama exhibition

Mirror Room – Yaoi Kusama exhibition (June 2012)

12 thoughts on “Home Alone – Captain’s Log, Star Date 09.02.2013

  1. You crack me up, J! I love reading the slow unraveling of your efforts to be ‘functional’. Though you didn’t mention anything about dishes piling up? You see, this is when you need a cat friend to keep you company. Not only do cats not give a shit when things start to unravel, I think they actually prefer it. (Have you seen a cat’s pure enjoyment lounging in a pile of paper trash? They love it! It’s anarchy.) I’ll have to watch the rest of Wonders of the Universe. I’m a big fan of all things galaxies and and stars.

    I look forward to reading if you survive! Remember to hydrate.

    • 😀 It’s all true. AND my feet get SO cold in bed now (without my sweetie’s thermo nuclear power station heat levels). I have to wake up and turn on the bed heater.

      The first round of dishes the cleaner nabbed, but I don’t cook so very few dishes really. Did the 2nd lot day before yesterday while waiting for the noodles to boil. My Bombay cat loves to lie on things you are working on, laptop, newspaper, drawing open drawing.

      Download Wonders of the Solar system & Wonders of the universe (both on isohunt). Both excellent and really good to draw to. Prof. Brian Cox (the guy presenting) also has a show thats on now called Wonders of the Natural world, which explains how the natural world works using physics. Also a goody.

      • Haha, I completely understand. I had a partner for several years and we broke up about a year ago. Now, I am accountable to no one– which is simultaneously amazing and dangerous, because it means I can clean or not clean, eat or not eat. As you very well know, once a person gets drawing it is easy to simply forget to do the things that non-artists don’t have to think to do. I can sit down to draw and finish up and realize it’s 3 in the morning, and I forgot to eat dinner… again. 🙂

        Is your Bombay cat your cat who lives in Bombay?

        I’m new to Brian Cox, but I really like his demeanor– just from what I saw on the two clips you posted. I’ll be sure to draw to some of his Wonders series this week. I’m also a big David Attenborough fan.

        • When I’m solo I get very undisciplined with sleeping and eating. My partner likes to be in bed by midnight and eat proper food so keeps me stable mostly.

          Bombay cat just strolled into the house in Bombay one day and refused to budge even when we tried to shoo him away. Then he realised we’re a family who likes friendly cats and so he constantly asks to be petted and cuddled. Now he’s a firm fixture.

          Me too love the Attenborough. I thought he was retiring but he has 2 shows on right now. Africa and Galapagos. Need to watch both. Prof. Cox is Attenborough’s more scientific successor and I really like the difference in the shows on that basis. I think you’ll really like him. Mary Beard is another Professor I love. She specialises in Latin and the Romans and did an excellent series called Meet The Romans. Try that if you like Coxy.

    • I’ve never understood the appeal of a crisp sandwich but my MA art tutor used to sa the same thing. It must be a quintessentially British thing. Sat evening i passed out on the couch at 9:30 then work up at 00:30 and then went to bed at 3. I rallied on Sunday to go to bed at 1

  2. I should totally keep a log like this when the hubbsand leaves town. I have recently discovered i LOVE being alone without him (dangerous, eh?) for a couple of days now and again. I am usually the timely routine-dependent person of thw two of us, but I realise I do it because I need US to have some sort of stable sense of existence, the minute he leaves I cook big pots of one dish meals and eat the same thing over and over, reheating it in the microwave. Or not. I have no schedules. I watch TV and read too late into the night, I sleep more than I should and generally go back to the days of being footloose and fancy free. And it is awesome.
    Except at night, when I am afraid of the dark. But we will cross that bridge too 😛

  3. Wait, what–the Ex is outta town?!

    Oh SNAP!

    –Just hold on, J. I’m’ma grab my passport, my plane ticket, and my purple dolphin dildo.

    You hang tight. I’m gonna make sure you get tucked in real good . . .

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