New Work – The Breeders

A4 Breeders Scans Trimmed

New Work: Breeders up on my website.

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I’ll put this up in a day or so. Hahaha Who wants this on a pillow?

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18 thoughts on “New Work – The Breeders

  1. Hmmm… is it too nerdy to comment on the paper weight? On your site I can see from the images that the edges of the paper are natural and nice and torn. I love working on thick paper like that. Is it printmaking paper?

    • You sure can my fellow nerd. That is in fact printing paper. It’s Somerset something, or Bockingford but its not as heavy as I’ve used before. I compared it to an older piece which had this amazing heavy paper. Might try and look for it again.

      • Nice! What was that other amazing paper? I love painting on printmaking paper… so heavy, yet so easy to store and ship. : )

          • Oh, I see. I thought you meant that this piece was on Somerset, but there was another heavy paper that you had used in the past that was also amazing. I like Somerset! I also really love painting on a heavy Rives BFK. Who has the time or space for wooden stretcher frames and stretched canvas and all of that nonsense? The people want paper!

            • yes i think that is what i meant 🙂 but I think they were slightly different versions. I find the Somerset Satin isnt as absorbant as the water colour one. Maybe it was Bockingford. darn i should just check but too lazy

  2. There’s so much interesting action, it’s almost a shame that my favorite parts are the cloth partitions! They have such a great feel and texture. The concept as a whole has been realized wonderfully. The colors are spot-on, and the bloodstains are indispensable.

  3. Eww…. ::laughs:: It’s so good!! It’s so peaceful; it’s so sick; it’s so grotesque; it’s so comforting and repulsive. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on having a kid–you captured it!!! =) I really like the paper too… On your other site, someone mentioned Kafka–something about the winding of the converyer belt and the surreality reminds me almost of Escher…..

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