The Great Catscapade

I’ve come to a potentially life altering decision.

Luigi, my Bombay cat set to be the new internet sensation.

I’m tired of seeing these so-called ‘cute’ cats take to the stage when I know Luigi, the mastermind who wrangled his devious way into our house by being an adorable stray, who manipulatively demanded that he be petted nearly constantly (“These pitiful humans, they love to pet furry critters. Now they shall be in my power!”),

Who then like the mafioso he is really is, eliminated all competition by chasing away the other house cats, recruited a doltish henchmen (A similarly coloured, stupider cat, called Porky who waddles around behind his master.)

and who now rules the house with an iron fist in a velvet paw.

How is such a cat not destined for internet-meme-10-second greatness?

All I need is the co-operation of my parents, a selection of tiny hats and sunglasses and maybe a cigar or two.

I think I can get my gran to knit him a sweater once she recovers from her broken collar-bone.

Then I can sit back and wait for the millions to roll in!

Endorsements! Adverts! YouTube videos!

How can this plan fail??

The world and it’s Buzzfeeds, Reddits 4 chans and imgurs will be ours!!


Luigi Sketch Final

Luigi Sketch Final

Luigi perched on my mothers shoulder, (as Moof would say), a little Nazgul. Or as someone on FB said - Comma Cat. Clings nice and snug, like a comma on a sentence.

Luigi perched on my mothers shoulder like (as Moof would say), a little Nazgul. Or as someone on FB said – Comma Cat. Clings nice and snug, like a comma on a sentence.

Cat Skyping with Mom & Leo

Cat Skyping with Mom & Leo


20 thoughts on “The Great Catscapade

  1. Haha yessssss! I love that little comma nazgul perched up there. If Luigi is going to take over the internet then he needs a defined shtick. Like, who is he? Maru is into cardboard boxes. What is Luigi into that the masses will be unable to resist?

  2. Have I become even stupider than I was or is there no “comment” link with this theme? I’ve been scrolling for about 5 minutes trying to figure out how to comment.

    What? I didn’t say I’m bright.

    But never mind me. This Luigi-as-meme is a worthy mission. I thoroughly approve. Also of the sketch. Fully adorable.

    • you know, this theme doesn’t have the most clear call to actions. It took me ages to find the ‘edit’ link. Maybe I need to switch back. I don’t know I’m having theme crisis for this blog. None i’ve tried have worked for me for some reason. How hard is it to design a simple fun 2 column grid blog???

      Mike raises a good point. We need Luigi to have a ‘thing’ – I think it’ll have to be cute outfits because his skill set so far is sleeping and chasing away other cats.

  3. Re: a simple, fun 2 column grid blog, apparently very hard. I’ve been obsessing with changing themes on mine since you changed yours. But nothing looked quite right. I also don’t like most of the fonts they use, which was my grouse with my last theme. Didn’t find it particularly… aesthetically pleasing.

    • Well I did find a few new ones, so I’m scrapping the 2 columns and going with a featured image style theme. Lets see how that goes. sigh. Now im customising. what a waste of time.

      • I love how the grids look — the front page usually looks nice with these blocky photo-y things — but the individual pages for posts tend to need more tweaking. I ogled at grids but didn’t go for them. I’m not sure I’d make two moves to read my posts — once to reach the blog and then click again to read? gah! — so possibly best to attempt snaring unsuspecting visitor with a page of full posts. 😀

        • But your main one does have the overview style – which I think really works. Because you can pick and choose a post. Well Lets try it and see. You are right. I just noticed the inside pages – not so nice. Garn!

          • Yeah, that’s Suburbia. One of the better grid themes, so far as individual pages go. Autofocus is another one that has nice individual pages and I LOVE how the home page looks (if you have nice images. Which you do.)

  4. P.S. I think Confit looked nicer than this one (The Columnist?). Though you’re probably in the middle of tinkering with it.

    (Yes, I’ve spent so long trying themes, I’ve actually memorised their names.)

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