New Banksy Rat At Portobello

A new little Banksy rat has sprung up on Portobello.

I’m almost sure that it’s recent and I could easily check, since I have a photo of this wall, that I had taken a few months ago, but I’m just too fucking lazy to be bothered.

Let’s just assume it’s a new Banksy rat.

The dollar sign eyes and the little saw it’s holding seems to be a cheeky reference to the recent debacle over the Banksy that was ripped out of a wall and was found on sale in LA.

It is totally possible that it could be a fake. (Banksy is easy to fake I should imagine.)

What do you think?

Portobello Banksy Rat. I'm fairly sure this is new.

Portobello Banksy Rat. I’m fairly sure this is new.

Banksy Rat closeup with dollar eyes and saw.


24 thoughts on “New Banksy Rat At Portobello

  1. Defo not a fake.. Or at least the optimist in me seems to think so.
    True, he is easy to fake these days, but that cheeky saw and dollar sign business..nobody would take the trouble to get that personal no? If they had to fake, they’d put in a rat and be done with it.

  2. Oh. So that’s where the “comments” link is. Right. Got that.

    I love this. Authenticating a graffiti. A stencilled graffiti no less. Maybe he’s planning a follow-up to “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Did you see it? So much fun.

  3. There’s 2 of these stencils in East London, & 1 in Tottenham, exactly the same… The first one I saw seemed authentic, but now i’ve seen more the same, i’m not so sure… Could be a comment on the ripped-off Jubilee piece, but strange they are all the same…

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