Assorted Photos In No Particular Order or Theme

A mixed bag of photos that I haven’t really sorted out in any coherent theme or scheme.

Because I’m lazy, and I’m procrastinating.

But mostly because I’m lazy.

I’ll theme the next, next lot.

That’s the lot after the next assorted lot.

These are photos from June 2012 – September 2012

Also why the hell haven’t I been using the gallery before?

I like the little circles.

Click to view large.


8 thoughts on “Assorted Photos In No Particular Order or Theme

  1. Beautiful photos! I like the format with the circles too– looks good. I am still pondering over what could bring on Luigi’s sudden rise to internet stardom. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it comes to you. Does Luigi have strong opinions? Maybe he could star in a series of a cat memes that give advice?

    • So am I! The thing is Luigi is in Bombay, and I’m here. So really the problem is I’m not on hand, to manipulate him to stardom. I think the most he will do is lie around and look fat. But i think that should be enough. Sure he’s no Meru or grumpy cat but I think he could make it with a pushy show mom like me.

      • You’re basically destined to be his manager/mom and you can definitely do it. Unfortunately, if Luigi is in Bombay with your family and you need photos of him it is a known fact that no parent has ever taken a good photo of anything, let alone something living… They just don’t have it in them I guess. Maybe when you visit next you can get a good one. You just need one solid image to be a meme forever. Like business cat. Do you know business cat?

        • hahaha i havent seen that but it is hilarious. I totally agree about the parents and photos. why is that?? and everything is always right in the center of the frame. I need a few goodies and i’m sorted until next year

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