The Day’s Takings

The ex is away in Dubai over the Easter weekend while my passport is being held almost indefinitely with the UKBA.

When I called their contact line to check what the heckings was taking so long, the automated voice on the phone tried every dubious tactic to get me off the phone, including giving me an option, allowing me to select that option, then telling me that the option no longer existed and the call would automatically be cut off.

Those devious bastards.

Half an hour later Nigerian man told me that my case was still being processed. When I asked himΒ for how long, he said he couldn’t say. This is actually UKBA policy. You cannot contact them easily, and even if you do they will tell you nothing. You know this but you still have to try.

When I protested that not having my passport for 6 months was a very long time, he reassured me that it wasn’t 6 months yet. It was only 2 days short of being 6 months.

I hung up the phone. There was really very little I could get out of this call except the phone charges.

As usual, my sleeping pattern rapidly deteriorates while the ex is away. Got out of bed at 4:00 p.m. yesterday after sleeping at 3 a.m. A good start to a long weekend of doing very, very very little.

Spent 30 very cold minutes wandering around the Angel antique market hunting for additions to my growing brooch collection.

It’s a bit of pot luck, which is part of the fun of it. Sometimes there seems to be a wealth of interesting junk, at others nothing at all. I don’t think real jewellery could ever be as much fun to buy – You can’t rummage through piles and piles of rubbish for a single hidden gem which you will then shamelessly bargain for.

The last few weeks my wallet has been spared any sudden, nasty surprises. The dry streak couldn’t last forever however. Here are today’s takings.


25 thoughts on “The Day’s Takings

  1. The ex is gone and it’s time to party! And by party I mean stay up late, eat junk food , sleep in, and watch a lot of bad TV… The last time you wrote about this was pretty funny.

    It’s terrible your passport has been held for so long. Our cultures are so twisted now with their automated labyrinths of bullshit. It’s like that when calling my bank, which is only open while everyone is at work. They give you ‘choices’ all of which are invalid and none of them involving talking with a ‘human being’. Devious bastards indeed!

    • thats exactly my idea of a good party! I don’t know about the junk food though, maybe just jelly. I went out and the only things i bought to eat were 10 pots of ready made strawberry jelly. Its going to be a fun weekend!

      • Ironically, no one’s got a more opaque automated maze than VERIZON– a shifty telephone giant. They’re just the worst! I love the bounty you got at the markets, by the way– especially that last little batch of knickknack and small treasure.

        • I can just image. Luckily O2 here is pretty good. They are very keen to maintain their customer service.

          Unfortunately the last photo is my total collection (mostly) – I could never buy all that in one go. Only the 2 brooches and the shell necklace were my Saturday afternoon takings.

          • Nice– it’s a good little collection so far! I love that kind of stuff. Right now I am painting a series of still lives of knickknacks and oddities from Thailand– I think just because I like to look at these types of little treasures. : ) Have you ever thought about making art about them?

            • I haven’t yet, but its a good idea, although I always end up drawing them like still lifes (lives?) so I get bored.

              I do really like drawings that are like collections of things – so maybe that would work. I do like collecting

  2. Don’t get me started! Husb and I, as a matter of prib=nciple, don’t click on any of the options because with most of them if you keep on the line until the options have run out, a real person comes on because you’re screwing up their system. Scumbags! Hope you get your passport back soon.

  3. Eeeks. 6 months. Can they even do that? Don’t they have to process applications within a certain cut off time?

    A professor once discussed these IVR machines in a class I took on computer mediated communication. He put the phone on speaker, dialed the Delta airlines number and said watch what happens now and proceeded to say “F*@#$ you” to every option. He was connected to a human operator pretty fast because the IVR gave up on him. It even told him, “sorry I cannot understand what you are saying” before transferring him to the call center πŸ™‚

    • yes they are meant to but there have been problems with the UKBA. The govt is so pissed its disbanding the entire office and restructuring. AGAIN!

      you professor has a very good system. I’ve tried this but it only works on some call lines. unfortunately.

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