WIP Sketch Book – Purple & Gold

Had a fairly productive weekend aside from the Friday.

  • Painted the background quickly friday night for a new piece
  • Painted in some pages of my sketch book
  • Did a logo
  • Did some quick brand standards
  • Finished and submitted an illustration piece
  • Did some more work in my sketch book

Here is one below that I’m still working on. I like tight, neat lines so I need to go over it with a biro and clean it up a bit.

Rest to follow eventually as I work my way through them.

Like the UKBA I have a large backlog of unfinished sketch book pages.

Purple & Gold

Purple & Gold


29 thoughts on “WIP Sketch Book – Purple & Gold

  1. That’s a good one– I love the colors. Seems like you were productive even though the ex was out– No jelly? No bad TV? No sleeping in ’til dinner time?

    • thanks mike – I’m a magpie for shiny sparkly paints.

      Well I got up today at 2, went to bed at 3, and eating… luckily i stocked up before so I have supplies to last a nuclear winter. I just went out and bought more chocolates to binge on. Working my way through the jelly. I like to hit them 2 pots at a time. mmmmm jelly.

      aside from sleep i’ve been good this weekend 🙂 but i’m so tired what with the late nights. I find I can’t work well in the morning. I’m a night owl. what about you?

      • The shiny and the sparkly paints really work with this one!

        Daaaaamn! Chocolates and jelly for the nuclear winter are a great way to go. This all happening while the ex is having fun in the sun?

        I’ve always liked the expression night owl. We were actually randomly talking about just that subject at my day job yesterday. I claim to be both a night owl and an early bird, but when given the choice I love nothing more than to feel bright and chipper on an early sunny morning. But when I was in school my optimum and preferred time to work was from 11pm to 4am. I swear they are the magic hours to work. (Well, at least they were in the time before I ever used the internet.) No distractions. Quiet world. I can’t function like that anymore. If I am up past midnight now I feel like I have a hangover the following day. I also started to prefer painting by daylight if possible. But it sounds like the magic midnight hours work for you?

        Good luck making your way though your chocolates!

        • I don’t actually know if they work for me. I have the same problem as you. I feel hungover the next day and the day is all wasted before I feel like sitting down and working. So its a bit of a catch 22. I do totally agree about studying 11pm till 4. I used to do that before my exams. Get up at 3 in the morning, cram until 8, do the exam, then forget everything I learned.

          • Haha 🙂 Totally understand. A friend who is an acupuncturist explained (or claims) that our bodies need to being laying flat for a certain amount of time each night for regular blood maintenance. While laying flat our bodies use gravity to circulate our blood and clean toxins from our kidneys. This explains why overnight flights and bus rides are so terrible and actually do feel like ones body is toxified. I realized after I quit drinking that half of what a hangover is, is actually just not getting enough sleep. 😦 I miss my 11pm to 4am art making schedule, but I just can’t hang with it anymore!

            Snap is great, although host Glynn can be a little nerdy sometimes. He’s endearing, but most of his stories seem like bullshit. His guests on the other hand all claim to be telling true stories from their lives. It’s great!

      • I *BEG* your pardon?!

        I would never touch myself over T-*** unless and until I am married to one of them.

        All things Korean, in fact, are too holy for such foul purposes. That’s what they make pictures of scene girls for.

        Anyway, your Earth Mother IS a bit sexy, in an oddly discofied neo-primitive way. Easter Island by way of an Earth, Wind, & Fire album cover, if you see how I mean?

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