9 thoughts on “Website – Footprint Media

  1. Wow. That logo is fantastic. Seriously, it has this feeling of … inevitability .. as though it has already existed for years, even though it’s fresh.

    I hope you got some good, rejuvenating sleep.

  2. (Hugs). Everything alright?

    I’ve fallen into the rut of Disco Naps That Aren’t. The ones that drag on for three hours and then you wake up and feel like absolute crap but you don’t go to bed till 4am.

    Of course, often I don’t go to bed before 4am anyway, but at least I don’t take naps. The price to pay is getting up at half past noon, but at least the day proceeds normally. Now, I get up at 9am (what a godless hour!), but my days are split in twos.

    I listened to so much T-ara this morning, and it was wonderful, but it feels like it was a million years ago. I konked out at about 4pm and didn’t wake up till almost dark. What the hell am I gonna do with the rest of the night?

    Better make some coffee(?) . . . . oy

    • That sounds hellish. I did the power nap at 8:00pm over easter and it never works. You wake up in the middle of the night semi refreshed and hungry. But I would probably end up doing that frequently if I worked from home.

  3. “You wake up in the middle of the night hungry”.– Corrected.

    –No nap today, and no rest tomorrow, since I have to make a surprise trip. Nothing a real human being would be bothered by, but I hate to drive. Also, I haven’t changed the oil in–er, 15 or 16 months? Well, it hasn’t had many miles at least– tho short trips take the biggest toil.
    Maybe I should get the oil changed first? But then I’d have to walk around while I’m waiting, and then I’d be dead tired and then I’d have to do my driving. No: one last trip, and then Tuesday I swear I swear I’ll get the oil changed . . . .
    I did listen to a lot of T-ara today, at least. How’s the flu? Do you play with yourself a lot when you have the flu? When you have a cold, it’s fun, because you feel kinda messy and smelly anyway, and then getting yourself all sweaty and filthy feels right somehow. I end up looking and smelling like a working-class lesbian. It’s pretty funky

    • you crack me up. It’s very telling that you went straight from oil change to tara to masturbation. I always suspected you’d be getting hot and sweaty to the robotic goddesses.

  4. I’m glad I turn you on!

    I *do* get hot and sweaty to the “robotic goddesses”, as you call them, but only when I’m dancing with my headphones on.

    And they only play robots in the video for “Sexy Love”:

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