Columbia Road Market Photos

2012_08_12 Columbia Rd Market


9 thoughts on “Columbia Road Market Photos

  1. Oh how I love flowers markets like this! I find the desi ones lovely with the malas and marigolds and all that. But most conventional sellers outside of the dingy wet squelchy markets have those super preened bouquet flowers which I frankly dont care much for. I love the big bright splashes of colour kind of flowers that are natural and dont need to be “set”. Those sunflowers! I could weep if I saw those big sunshiney things for real!

    And herb girl definitely has some goodies, if you ask the right questions, I bet!

    • oh we bought 3 things from herb girl. she was a cutie! they all have died by now, but the verbena was a huge hit with the ex. I love indian flower markets too though, vibrant in a different way

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