Misc photos so I feel like I’ve posted something

I’ve actually got 4-5 written and saved drafts but I keep posting from work just before my lunch break, so the most I can do is upload photos.

So spring has sprung and now begins a whole series of totally mediocre flower photos.

But don’t worry. I’m going to work up to it, slowly.

For now, just one.


5 thoughts on “Misc photos so I feel like I’ve posted something

  1. These are great, J. Thanks for sharing these. I love the new photo of your mom and Luigi, the future internet meme superstar. He looks like such a sweetie! You might like this:


    There was also a photo randomly of Frida Kahlo holding a monkey with a cat in the distance but the last time I looked it appeared that they realized it was a monkey and pulled it. I love the Edward Gorey one best, I think.

      • Amen on the cat love.. I think they make just the right kind of pets/pals to have, The kind that snuggle when you want and fuck off and mind their business for the most part. If only babies were made that way instead of having to shoot them out of your vajayjay and spent 21 years of pure torture caring for them. Ugh.

      • God, I know, I am such a geek for cats. They are totally oddball creatures too. On another plane-of-wild from dogs, yet more independent and self reliant. You need a cat! That photo was after Gorey moved outside of New York City to a quiet place to live among his books and cats. The life!

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