Rape Rick Pillow

Another quick and dirty post.

I bought my own pillow like a lamo.

Then I stuck sequins on it.

I’m quite pleased with it it.

Ok I’m immensely pleased with it.

Isn’t that terrible?

But thats mostly down to the colour.

I love that particular shade of chrome yellow.

I really need to find customers other than myself.

Here: http://society6.com/JanineShroff/Rape-Rick_Pillow

Rape Rick Pillow

Rape Rick Pillow

Rape Rick Pillow Closer

Rape Rick Pillow Closer


4 thoughts on “Rape Rick Pillow

  1. It’s not terrible, it’s awesome that you bedazzled your pillow! (It’s a great yellow too.) Can I ask what the story is behind the Rape Rick image? I am assuming that it has to do with violence against women in India, but is it about a specific incident that was in the news?

    Your work is really striking. I like seeing the thumbnails all together on your society 6 page. “Memory is a Tricky Thing” is particularly good. <<>>

  2. Verrah nice. I thoroughly approve of the sequins. I’m sure all good rick decorators would approve of them too.

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