Cut Paper – Work In Progress

Some new work in progress…

4 Coral 5 Coral Closer 8 Coral Closeup


6 thoughts on “Cut Paper – Work In Progress

  1. I love this, J. Such fine little cuts… Are you going to paint it in? It’s also beautiful as is in whites.

  2. ah thanks guys – no I’m leaving it in 2 primary colours blue and white. (like Santorini or an aquarium) but with maybe one of 2 things picked out in a colour as a highlight.

    I considered colouring it in like my sketch book page but i think that would distract from the paper cut process. the ex is pleased with this one. I still need to add all the little fishes

  3. J, has The Ex finally convinced you to do something l’art pour l’art?

    It’s quite dreamy, in an epic children’s adventure sort of way. The lonely sea horse off into an expanse of blue. Godspeed, little sea horse.

    • well no. i’d been bitching about the painting (touristy junk) that no longer worked with some other paintings so i pitched a corally thing based on a book art piece i made ages ago.

      Godspeed little seahorse indeed. I’m going to do another one with an octopus, maybe a shark.

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