Coral Final

I put it in the frame and then 2 days later the tape holding the board at the back of the frame peeled away and it all fell out.

Luckily everything is now stuck on so nothing fell off or got bent, but now that its out of the frame I really ought to take some better photos (without reflections.)

Coral Final

Coral Final

Coral closeup

Coral closeup



This was very quick and enjoyable to make. So I’m making a few more.

I bought some more ink (Holy crap! So expensive!)

While browsing through the shop and trying to decide between the bright pink or the crimson I accidentally knocked a bottle off the shelf and it shattered, leaving vibrant, bloody ink all over the floor.


I looked around in that panicked way I imagine people who’ve committed crimes usually do, but none of the employees even noticed. Not even the girl standing in an aisle next to mine.

Clearly the pay isn’t high in art supply shops.

Yes! I thought.

Now all you need to do is walk away.

Just…slowly…walk away…

No one will even notice.

Just walk to the till like nothing even happened. You know nothing, you did NOTHING.

Whatever you do, just don’t look back!!

Anyone who has ever read any of the Greek myths knows you should NEVER look back.

Terrible things seem to happen to those who look back.

Unfortunately, I looked back.

I saw the ink bleeding out all over the floor and I lost my nerve.

My guilt trumped my desire to run away and I confessed to the oblivious employee in the adjacent aisle.

Which happily for the moral, turned out to be the right thing to do.

I said sorry, she just thanked me for letting her know and mopped it up.

I bought my 4 bottles of ink with only minor evidence of pink all over my fingers to show for it.

Whew. Tense there for a little while.

Then I spent the rest of the Sunday afternoon turning the living room into a studio (Ex was out naturally) and painted 4 more backgrounds, in pink and gold, green, blue-green and blue while watching the Big Bang Theory.

Very enjoyable.


13 thoughts on “Coral Final

  1. Beautiful work, J! I love that little seahorse, and so much about this piece. Can’t wait to see what else you make in this style…

  2. Well, I’m glad they let you out of the shop alive . . . It’s embarrassing, I know. One reverts to childish supplication and Teacher tells you everything’s all right, and silently thinks, “You contemptible c**t . . . .”

    The sea horse and its aquatic expanse really are lovely. I’m glad you’re frolicking in the softer, warmer side for the moment. Bing had a sea turtle with his fish buddies on the homepage yesterday. It touched a heart-nerve, what with my plush companion.

    • Well I would have thought some frowning and tsking would be due. Thats why I like cass art. their employees don’t care all that much.

      Thank you, I enjoy taking sabbaticals from the dark side now and then.

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