Comicon London 2013

We queued for 1.5 hours just to get in to Comicon.

It was good, but I don’t know if I could ever queue that long again.

I mean, I can barely queue over 15 mins for roller coaster rides, and there you’re getting a pure adrenaline rush as pay off.

Some highlights – Storm Troopers joyfully dominating some nerdlings by making them lie down on the ground as they bossed over them. (The nerdlings were loving it.)

The ex kicking me repeatedly while queueing for taking us to an event where we had to queue.

An Indian geek tried to hi-five everyone in the que and no one hi-fived him back.

In the tube on the way back, 2 guys plainly baffled by the random assortment of strangely dressed people getting on, gawked open-mouthed at a well suited and booted cat woman in a skin-tight outfit and thigh high boots.

Now about 47 photos.

Yes that’s right – 47.

That’s the level of restraint I can work with.


14 thoughts on “Comicon London 2013

  1. It’s sort of like a Pride parade for celibates– tho in their defense, they are much less genetically thwarted than the creatures who queue for Slut Walk.

    The girl in the fingerless gloves is hot. I’ve had a lifelong fetish for any kind of funked-up glove: fingerless; open-backed; the sporty ones with the little Band-Aid style holes.

    Some K-pop group (was it miss A?) had fingerless purple leather gloves with open heart-shapes on the back of the hand and the little snap button at the bottom of the heart. That was just breathless.

  2. Ohhhhhhh my god, I love it. My favorite part are the storm troopers punishing the nerdlings! No photos of you two in your elaborate costumes? What did you dress up as???

    • nope no costumes for us. thank god! it was very hot. also my agenda was to take photos, so pretty happy to do that. i love costumes but i hate the hassel of organising them

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