Assorted Photos I’m Too Lazy To Bother Organising

The title of this post is apt to say the least.

(BTW – Finalised my ongoing drafts of letter heads and business cards here) I wish I had 6 hands and 2 heads. I’d accomplish so much.

I had a good idea for an art installation:

When I was doing my BA living with Monty in New Cross Gate we used to watched all of his Friends series videos at least 2-3 times in succession. I’d always draw because I like having something in the background but it can’t be too demanding.

Now if you watch Dave or Comedy Central long enough an episode of Friends will usually come on.

There is something vaguely soothing and comforting about coming home and watching old re-runs of Friends.

That’s what I’d have as an art installation. There would be a 24/7 Friends Channel playing in a room. (I wonder what the rights to display the video would be?)

All the episodes would be looped, running on multiple tiny screens projected inside these white tent like (subtitled I think) cocoons that the viewer needs to crawl into and has to stay there for a few hours.

The multiple tents with various cocooning pouches would fill the entire room. Like one of those spider webs that encompass the entire tree.

Now for some assorted photos.


15 thoughts on “Assorted Photos I’m Too Lazy To Bother Organising

  1. I’m going to reserve comment on that art installation idea because just the thought of 24/7 Friends is making my eyeballs roll back and my teeth grind. But the photos are lovely. I can never decide whether summer light looks better in black and white or in colour, which sounds silly when there are colours as gorgeous as the leaves and skies and clouds in your photos. But there’s such an elegant richness in black and white….

    • hahaha THATS exactly why the 24/7 Friends channel will be perfect. And you have to crawl into some odd space to watch it with subtitles. Soothing and perhaps mind numbing. I think it’ll be interesting. Also I mean, performance/installation art – my firm belief is that to some extent it has to be idiotic and annoy someone. I’ll have you come and review it in the imaginary future where this will never happen.

      I agree about the black and white. The hard light and shadows are quite nice in monotone. Also this was near the apple store on Regent St. so lots of brownstone buildings and pavement – not a great deal of colour.

  2. Your b&w photos are compositionally impressive. Of course you’re lensing public monuments, so let’s say you’re tiptoeing on the shoulders of giants, but still: pleasing and impressive.

    I won’t say I’m blown away by all– the third photo’s texture seems murky and the summer trees look a too-digitized green. But your gadding about at twilight yields some good things too (the fifth and seventh going down are nicely intimate and variegated. The Kings X shots perhaps need to catch some bit of light or defining detail at the bottom– yeah, I see those pedestrians are very blacked out. Oh well. Nice sky tho). I’d be curious to see how some of your Magic Hour tableaux would turn out in b&w.

    But darling– performance/installation art is always idiotic and completely annoys everyone. Hasn’t somebody already done something like this with “Psycho”?

    • The photos are ok and fairly mediocre at best but its an enjoyable exercise. However that green is not even slightly digitised. It’s that virulent bright green in the flesh. but i think only briefly, when the leaves are all new.

      Of course installation art is annoying and idiotic, thats why I want to do it with a sitcom, esp friends. That’ll annoy everyone. Also it conforms to my theory that you just need one crack brained idea to create an “installation”. it doesn’t need to be good it just needs suitable art waffle to justify it. Did they bit a big convoluted tent for the psycho installation?

  3. I think you should take your cocoon 24/7 Friends marathon idea to the CIA because it sounds a bit like being waterboarded. 🙂 Beautiful photos as always.

    • hahaha nonsense! the CIA would calm down adn they’d shut guantanamo after a little time in my memory webs. besides its voluntary. although the more you skeptics mock the more i think my vision of people crawling through semi transparent white sheets which have flickering tv shows projected on them is a good idea

      • Haha– maybe I am just not a Friends fan? : ) Have you ever seen Northern Exposure? It’s like Twin Peaks but the world within it is full of goodness instead of evil. I could see going into a N.E. cocoon sack and drifting away…

          • Portlandia is funny but too painful for me to watch because many of the jokes are too true, if that makes any sense 🙂

            I thought of you and your love of spam when I received this comment on my blog today: “What’s up, of course this paragraph is genuinely fastidious and I have learned lot of things from it about blogging. thanks.”

            Sure, it’s not sexy talk, but it’s good spam none the less.

            • 🙂 yes I know what you mean. But now I really want to watch it even more. Also I love that guy. The one with the glasses. He did an episode with Ira Glass on This American Life about Doppelgangers and it was BRILLIANT. (He does a good Ira Glass Impression.) After awhile I couldn’t tell them apart.

              That is excellent spam. It needs to have gibberish combined with some positive cheer. Thats what I like. Lately I havent checked my spam filter but my blog keeps getting spammed.

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