Trappy Post Flowering

Trappy got a bit scraggly and small during his immense effort to flower.

He’s finally growing large traps again and seems to be in a huge hurry. There are a clusterfuck of traps growing around one side and I even found one trap growing inside another

Trying to rescue it was a pain. I initially used tweezers but even the slightest movement sets the trap off which it promptly did.

Then I had to sort of pull the little one free with my fingers as gently as I could (I’m very clumsy & fat fingered) and place it where it would grow unimpeded.

Whew. Close call.


18 thoughts on “Trappy Post Flowering

  1. Trappy!! ;___;
    He reminds me so much of my old Trappy (and subsequent Trappy II and Trappy III).
    He’s so beautiful and healthy!! ❤

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