Flying Veg

The ex threw an onion at the kitchen window the other day because


The dramatic tension in the flat never stops.

There is now also onion juice dripping down the grill on the window.

(Don’t even ask me what a ‘onion saver’ is. The explanation is too ludicrous)

There was a little tension over the mis-use of the lemon saver but luckily no flying veg then.

Close call, man, Close call.

6 Months of Assorted Photos II continued below


7 thoughts on “Flying Veg

  1. Jinkies, things get rough in your kitchen.

    What we need over here is a cucumber saver. Because who eats a whole cucumber in one sitting, and who wants to see the poor thing shrivel at the end like grandma’s lips?

    • you know that is very aptly observed. yesterday had to cut off all the gooky bits on the edges and i think thats probably worse than grandma’s lips. I wonder if an airtight container will work for a cucumber. what i resent about the onion saver is its stupid size. unlike the image about it is shallower and round shapes are not designed to fit happily into fridges. but the ex likes annoyingly designed objects for the kitchen.

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