Trappy Eats A Fly! LIVE LIVE LIVE!

Video of me feeding Trappy a fly!

Well, a barely alive fly (as you will see)

Caught it in the park by stunning it Β (With a newspaper. A Metro in fact.) and transporting it home in an emptied out pencil-case.

By the time I transported it home it was a little worse for wear and ….er… needed some encouragement to move in the trap.


42 thoughts on “Trappy Eats A Fly! LIVE LIVE LIVE!

  1. You are an evil woman, Janine.

    No, the fly isn’t DEAD yet! It’s horrifying transformation has only begun!!

    You could’ve just let Trappy fend for himself like a grown boy, but no; you had to get the green gooey blood all over your hands too.

    “Karma,” they call it in the home country. Payback’s a bitch. . . .

  2. Oh god, the nostalgia…. I did tell you in another comment that I had a Trappy too (up to Trappy III actually) and he looked… just like… the Trappy in the video. And that’s how he ate too…. And it’s not cheating, to dangle a fly in, I mean, they don’t have legs for crissakes… I often wonder how they even manage to survive in the wild…. You should get more carnivorous plants. ^^ He looks very happy and healthy.

    • thanks moof. he is the living spirit of Trappy the 3rd. i want to catch some more flies for him but i think he might be sick. he seems to be gnawing on 2 things. i read that the reason the venus fly traps you buy are all clones and grown in labs and the ones in the wild are endangered which is why they are so finicky.

        • just saw this msg – the trap has a life expectancy of opening 3-4 times before it starts to die back. Each time the trap shuts it uses up energy, also the edge (the thing that makes it snap shut) is made of something (i forget) that has limited time use. (so dont stick your finger it in constantly)

          then since it takes energy to close and digest a bug, if the bug is too big or its occupied digesting another trap it gets a stomach ache and the trap may die. you notice when it gets a brown spot on the trap, which then spreads until the entire trap has died back. (another one grows in its place if its a healthy plant)

          i did lots of research πŸ™‚

  3. That was insane. For the record, I do not want to be eaten alive by Trappy. However, I would have wanted to witness the part where you whopped, stunned, trapped, and transported a house fly in public.

    • haha it was pretty funny actually. i mean, i looked mental. and i was with some guys from work, who sat there watching this. they didnt think i;d catch one though. i did catch a HUGE horse fly, but i had to whoomp it 3 times to stun it properly and the 3rd time was a bit too hard and it got squished. whoops.

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