Help! Portfolio Update help

Quick survey – help! Need to update portfolio desperately

Q1. On a portfolio website should you allow comments?
– Or should it just be work
– no direct page feedback?
– If so why? (just out of curiosity)

Q2. Some design work (maybe even most esp recent work) may need to go behind password protected page links
– is that a problem for users?
– would you email to ask to see private links?
– or not bother at all?

Q3.  I’m currently using a WP theme (see link) so you update by adding new work in new posts, each dated. The home has only 20 most recent, or most relevant.
Is the dating and archive system in blogs not good for portfolios? (however having new posts means higher hit rate)
– should there only be a limited amount of work that isn’t ever posted on a particular “date” ?

Q4. Would it be better to buy one of the behance-type pro sites (no date) or stick with what I’ve got. (Tots free vs premium annual price).

– I’m thinking no for now, but some aspects of a WP blog/site are aggravating.


c. 1890: “Four women posed humorously” - Found my vintage Doppleganger! (or perhaps a past self?) - 3rd from the left.    via:

c. 1890: “Four women posed humorously” Found my vintage Doppleganger! (or perhaps a past self?) – 3rd from the left.


24 thoughts on “Help! Portfolio Update help

  1. 1. Just work.
    2. It’s an obstacle. Obstacles aren’t good if you’re trying to sell something.
    3-4. I only know about photographers’ portfolios. They’re usually a separate thing which you can link from a blog. The blog gives you new content, and the website gives you a stable, professional place of business. I used to have both and it worked pretty well. And websites are cheap. Not free, but near enough.

  2. i won’t be much help, but I can be moral support. That is to say that I’m in the same boat as you. I can send a link to my site, if you like. I think the commenting is annoying, but you should be able to turn it off.

    I’m sending a link to my site to a bunch of pro- and semi-pro friends of mine with a survey. I’ll share their thoughts with you when they come in.

      • http//

        You may use the email listed on the site for comments, or if you choose to use the comment function, be aware that I will read, respond, and then delete the comment.

        I’m trying to figure out a way to disable comments entirely. Might have to “splurge’ on a custom site.

        • Go to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion > Disable comments for new posts

          now the tedious part

          Go into all the old posts and scroll down > you can turn off for each post the comments & likes using a check box.

          if you want to just turn off comments you can use the quick edit function on the All Posts list (quicker)

          if you want to remove both likes & comments you need to go into each page.

          Once thats done you’re done.

        • Nice site! Ginger In Rainbow is a dope drawing.

          There should be an easy way to disable comments entirely. Try going through the dashboard, and then to All Pages, and then pick a specific page you do not want comments and use the Quick Edit function, rather than Edit. On mine in that function is where the option to disable comments is hidden.

    • thanks Gabriel – any help much appreciated. all commenting is off. likes are a bit more of a ball ache and might take a while
      i second Mike – whats your portfolio link?

  3. 1. Just Work.
    2. It’s an obstacle, leave it open for max. exposure.
    3. A portfolio is not about all your work but the BEST.
    4. Your own domain (besides your blog) will make it look more professional

    Hope it helped 🙂

  4. ok well 1 & 2 is clear – commenting is gone.

    i’m worried about 2. my design company hasnt allowed me to upload work i’ve done for them and has specifically said private links

    which is fucked up and annoying. mostly because we havent got our site designed yet either. so the work is no where.

    3. i’m not sure how to start culling stuff though. (too much proximity)
    or what not to show. 😦

    this is the site –
    anyone taking a look feel free to suggest things to remove off there?
    or combine & consolidate?

    4. I already have my own domain linking through to the wp theme
    a pro website is $100 a year on behance
    So its a bit pricey. I dont know. Kind of on the fence about it.
    – for now I think i’ll stick with the wp theme i’m using because its clean and simple and cheap
    – i still need to get all the design stuff organised and up there. (so tedious)

  5. No, no, yes, maybe! Below… my opinions.

    1. No, keep your portfolio separate from your blog in that it does not allow likes or discussion. It seems more professional to have your portfolio remain more static.

    2. Personally, I would never bother to email for a password even if I liked the work. Show what you are comfortable showing when you are comfortable, and edit it out if it is not ready to be shown online.

    3. Yes, WP is good. It’s good bc it gets your work out there in the search engines. but if you are unhappy with how it archives older work, you can always change themes or upgrade.

    4. I think leaving WP could lead to a great loss of traffic. I am building a fancier looking site on Cargo Collective, because the shit looks good, but I don’t think they have close to the same ability as WP to get your tags out there in the search engines. When my new site is ready, it will still be intertwined with my WP blog to keep my work fresh in the search engines.

    Janine, I understand what you’re going through. I just completely reedited my entire blog/site because I am beginning to look at grad school and wanted it to be a more cohesive body of work– from their perspective. This meant I had to edit the hell out of my portfolio. What a stressful pain in the ass! But I do think my site is stronger edited down and arranged like it is.

    Your site right now is looking good, I think! 🙂

    • thanks mike! this is great help

      about the private work – its not that its not ready to be shown but its “company” work.
      and thats a grey area (by contract its owned by the company).

      i mean i dont know. one guy from the company has put his work up. maybe the bosses havent noticed and i could just post them publicly but then i’m a chicken and i dont want potentially angry emails from my bosses. also wp is linked to my linkedin page so fairly noticeable if i post my latest projects
      should i need to apply for jobs it HAS to be accessible on some link somewhere. (and my company hasnt got their site up yet, or in fact for AGES its damn frustrating)

      so even though personally i hate the idea of private links its going to have to be that for now.

      i think you are right about the traffic.

      i thought about buying a theme – do you know if it also a yearly thing? or do you pay a one off to buy the theme? how does it work?

  6. Behance is an amazing place to go to play with yourself.

    Now, however, they’re telling me I need a membership in order to look at adult content!

    I’m not a photographer, damnit! I just want my European fashion-porn. Behance was basically the last place I knew to find high quality (i.e. Bulgarians who smoke cigarettes) white women. Sans Behance, there are no white women in my life.

    If you join behance, you need to do some boobie shots. Maybe let Trappy brush a nipple or something . . . .

    • wait what? is that true?
      i’ve never seen any restriction on viewing content.
      i do have a behance portfolio but i havent update din 2 years. i suppose i ought to but its such a pain updating across so many platforms. in fact its just endless

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