Back from a 10 day holiday, and the makeshift water supply system I constructed worked!!


Filled a large bowl with water. Placed a little stand inside it so that Trappy wouldn’t drown.

Cellophane to prevent evaporation and a strip of cotton wool attached through the bottom of the pot to suck up the water at the bottom of the bowl for when water level dropped below Trappy’s stand.

(Never did thanks to the cellophane)

Trappy Lives! -  Big Bowl with water & Celophane.

Trappy Lives! – Big Bowl with water & Celophane.

My 'Contraption'

My ‘Contraption’

Trappy eating himself

Trappy eating himself


16 thoughts on “TRAPPY LIVES!

  1. Trappy lives to kill again. . . When do we get to see some of your travel drawings? Your demanding public is waiting!

    • soon soon soon
      i will take some photos on my sketch book today. its ok. i did some more in athens on the way back. i feel annoyed i had no colour pencils on the other hand it was easier and simpler to restrict my medium to pencil, eraser pens

      • I understand. For me sometimes (most times) while travel drawing it’s best to be limited and to keep it simple. I don’t know how people do plein air painting while traveling. I would love to understand how they pull it off, but whenever I have tried it it is all just so cumbersome and complicated.

        You could have a show of your Athens drawings called “Free Willy”, after that terrible movie about the whale, but the subject being the ancient willies of Athens, of course.

        • yeah, i mean i have a compact watercolour box (which i’m incompetent using) and a roll of colour pencils – but i also dont know how people do it. i could have done it only once, when i was lounging on a beach for a few hours. but you still have to lug around all this gear. so at least i was travelling light

          • I know! Who wants to lug around gear? I am having a similar dilemma about an upcoming trip into Burma after I return to the Thai-Burma border. I have a good camera, but so much of the time you need a tripod in order to get the best shot, especially if it is any bit dark out. Who wants to be the nerd with the bulky tripod? I loved your photos of tourists taking fb profile shots of each other. Haha- I like to take those of people too.

            • oooh about tripods – i found something that looks really good. its called the gorrillapod. its a magnetic folding tripod it twists around objects or just stands flat. GET IT. I really needed it in Greece for stability for low light shots. – and there is the mini version (which is the one i think i’ll buy. its a bit more expensive in the Uk as its a us based company)

              i’d just take a rolly-pack of watercolour pencils, microliners & couple of brushes (to blend). i think they are the most flexible for travel and shouldnt be too heavy. my felt pens were too annoying and kept drying out so i never really used them.

    • i don’t know!

      lately i think its just because its growing so much that the traps are just all up in each others faces.

      i dont think they can digest themselves, every time i try and remove one the trap closes. me and my clunky fingers

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