Spoons Spoons Spoons

More photos from the Angel antique market.

Spoons seem to be the theme of these photos.

I should buy a bunch of spoons and make myself a spoon chandelier.

I’m supposed to be sorting out other photos from holiday but ….


I got sidetracked reading the Hunger Games (pleasantly surprised it was good, but the whole 2-boys-after-one-girl is a bit hackneyed, luckily it’s a minor sub-plot)

Except I’m having Hunger Game nightmares.

Dreams where i’m crawling in and out of dusty arenas.

Reading gripping books has a very bad effect on my life.

This is why I like re-reading books. The urgency is not as severe, so it’s more a pleasant journey rather than an all consuming roller-coaster.


16 thoughts on “Spoons Spoons Spoons

  1. Love the photos, and I’m with you about the Hunger Games/gripping story thing. I’m a chronic re-reader and re-watcher of shows. My impatience and anxiety often get the better of me the first time around, but once I know how it all comes out, I can relax and enjoy the nuances I raced past before.

    • yay. i’m glad to hear it.

      I sometimes worry that i’m becoming resistant to new things because i don’t read as much as I used to in part because of this anxiousness in not knowing, and also because it totally derails all other activity until i’ve finished the book/series/set.

      i hope hunger games doesn’t end up going down the twilight route. (angsty teens first, all other plots secondary)

  2. I love markets like this. Those little heads are great! Did you find anything good? I’m glad your life isn’t spent fighting in arenas like in your book induced stress dreams.

      • I have been reading Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, and I am also an avid listener of the BBC and Al Jazeera. The night I finished Persepolis I had terrifying air raid nightmares that took place in Syria. It was the worst.

        You’d do just fine in the arena. But maybe if it was a drawing competition and not so much a fight to the death, Hunger games style?

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