Cloud Girl

From my sketch book, my hobby of choice at the moment

Scanned Sketch

Scanned Sketch

Spec Girl A4 - 1a

Spec Girl A4 – 1a

Spec Girl A4 - 2c

Spec Girl A4 – 2c

Spec Girl A4 - 2b

Spec Girl A4 – 2b

Spec Girl A4 Landscape - 2c

Spec Girl A4 Landscape – 2c

Spec Girl A4 Landscape - 2b

Spec Girl A4 Landscape – 2b


21 thoughts on “Cloud Girl

  1. OMG I will DO HER!!!

    Shit, I took a nap and I need to touch myself and now you do this.

    Seriously, she will enjoy my techniques very much. Are those twin labret piercings in her bottom lip or is that some kind of chin-dimple, btw?

    –When I wake up I will shrug off this fantasy of doing your fantasy slut-Westernized Indian tank girl but just at the moment I will go with this whim because that is how we play.

    She has tits like a boy, but when I pucker the nubbins they will blossom like pumpkins.

  2. Trying to come up with a comment more deranged than the one above.
    And I can’t!
    This makes me sad and like a failure at being deranged.
    PS: Your sketch and your lines make me jealous and angry and like I want to eat your brain and absorb your abilities.
    PS: You do that color thing. ^___^ The different colors… ::sighs with contentment and color pleasuh~~~

    • seriously, no one could top that level of deranged. i like it.
      one day moof, i’m sure you’ll be right up in there with your crazy.

      PS: i’m so glad! i feel that way all the time about other people. my brain will taste bland on the left half but like delicious creamy marrow on the right

      PS: i used this colour palette site for inspiration.
      i find colour hard. 1a was my colour = lame, RGB, yucky.
      2 was the adobe kuler = peaches and turqoises. yummy.

  3. This looks great, Janine. I like this kick you are on with playing with different colorations of the same linear drawing. The last two are really nice with the rectangular format. Also, did you get a new blog– are you paying for one now? It’s looking pretty slick!

    I am actually considering paying for one, as of yesterday, as I was working on a post (one that I floundered on and realized that I didn’t have all of the images I want to complete it) and then I saw at the bottom of the preview of the post wordpress threatening to run random advertizements to people. Uhg, worst. It’s amazing that this service is free, but it has been so nice having a blog with no ads. So, anyway, I might buy one and have been theme browsing. I like how this new blog theme of yours displays a front page of thumbnails. That’s pretty cool. Hmmmmm…

    Happy drawing! Love that sketchbook…

    • hey mike, thank you – i was kind of playing but the truth is i have terrible indecision.
      And i realise that without selecting a colour palette I flounder.
      I’m using adobe kuler for inspiration. its very handy actually. and the more muted tones are layers of worn paper in photoshop so that helps

      i will NEVER pay for a blog. its just pointless – for my other website maybe but not this one.
      wp has new themes every few months anyway (this is one, it has a few flaws) but aside from the occasional gripe, for a free service i think this is so far the best one i’ve used. i’m not a fan of tumblr.

      it is, as jana, says for lazy bloggers.

      i also have an ad blocker on my browser so i never see the ads. you can just pay to remove the ads only though. its 30$ a year. but for a non professional hobby blog that seems a bit excessive just to remove ads.

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