MCM Comicon London 2013 – 26 Oct Cosplay Photos

These photos are from the Oct 26 Comicon event at the London Excel centre (Saturday)

I usually whine about having to get up and commute anywhere on a Saturday, especially before 2 pm, however every time I go I remember why – it’s so much fun. Everyone is in a good mood and happy to be photographed. (as far as I can tell)

Someone took one of me (I wore the home-made mask I made for NYE) and I can confess to you that I was DELIGHTED!

Unlike the last comicon in may (photos here) where we ended up queuing for 1.5 hours, we had the foresight to buy tickets well in advance and just glided though at our leisure. I swear on all things unholy, I will always pre-book from now on.

Since my camera doesn’t quite have the low (or is it high?) depth of field I like, I had to manually add it in Photoshop to the photos. It was so packed that there is a lot going on in the background. I wanted the cosplayers to be the focus.

I had mini photo theme within the overall photo theme (My agenda for comicon is only for the photos) : I was on the hunt for topless male cosplayers so I could photograph them with my very excellent and very patient comicon wing-woman J. 

I’d grab J. firmly by the elbow and fling her against the chest of  some semi-nude young man before the poor girl even knew what was happening. Great fun. Some cute boys too.

We managed to nab a fair few. The centurions are my particular favourite.

I told a pair of the topless young men I was photographing that I was trying to find all the hot men for photos.

They looked so pleased about that.

So cute.

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