Global Day of Rage – Mumbai Photos

I flew down to Bombay on the morning of the 11th the day of the Supreme Court judgement on article 377.

A historic day. Unfortunately in the wrong direction.

(Read a critique of the ruling here, there are many others but you can google them should you want to)

A4 texted me at 7 am, while I was waiting at the airport, that we had lost.

That it was hopeless, we are all fucked. India had gone back in time. Everything was ruined.

She’s cheerful like that in the mornings.

I was of a more hopeful disposition, or maybe it was because I was going home to eat sev puri, golas and khandvi.

But the High Court striking down the ruling years ago helped empowered so many, it open the little gay box and people won’t just step back into that box.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Even so I was surprised by how disappointed I was by the ruling and the lack of humanity by the Supreme Court Justices. (I have a naturally cynical view of the Indian ‘Justice’ system.)

Then I hopped on a plane full of Gujus, loitering in the aisles and taking up every inch of baggage space in the overhead lockers so you had no choice but to cram yours under the seat and stick your legs out into the aisle for an 8 hour flight.

I sigh, the girl behind me sighs, we look at each other and smile – Goddamn frikkin Indians on planes. It’s a mela.

At home at last, and I’m watching some debate about the ruling with my folks on Times News Live.

Everyone on the show is shouting at the camera and mostly saying,





All at the same time.

Then the BJP woman  (hemming and hawing in a shrill voice) and the interviewer got into a heated debate that involved nothing but




That went on for 15 cringe worthy minutes

Then my parents started yelling at each other about Tango.

An amazing, spur of the moment global protest day sprung up, organised by Facebook: Boston, Toronto, London, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and more on Sunday 15th of December.

I asked my parents if they wanted to come to the rally in Matunga. They said

“No no we’re going to have a nap. You go.

Don’t get arrested.”

So I went with one of A4’s friends who let me tag along with them.

People came, they chanted, they displayed their ‘minority’ status with pride. 

I wish I could say I was filled with rage, but I’m not.

I’m still hopeful.

Global Day of Rage Photos – Mumbai

Hard to maintain rage


10 thoughts on “Global Day of Rage – Mumbai Photos

  1. I’m liking the courage of these people and your pictures of them. Even if the rest of the world is narrow-minded and judgmental, it’s always easier to stand up together. Hopefully, one day will look different. Until then, we fight for what’s right. It’s tiring, but worth it.

  2. Great pictures. Read this post a while ago, but was too sad (read: angry and disappointed) to come here and comment. I’m seriously looking for another country to move to. It feels like every day gives me a new reason to do so.

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