377: Gay Ointment

Day of rage. I really fucking feel it.

The supreme court refused to review the decision not to repeal section 377.

These people are so short-sighted, so bigoted and such cowards – It’s unbelievable.

So a quickie post with a new sketch based on a photo I took of this lady’s Gay rally poster.

Can’t decide on the colour.

The ex says yellow but I really love the red version though even though it’s a bit full on.

Gay Ointment Outlined

Gay Ointment Outlined

Gay Ointment Colour 1

Gay Ointment Colour 1

Gay Ointment Colour 2

Gay Ointment Colour 2

Gay Ointment Colour 3

Gay Ointment Colour 3


Uploaded to society6 for Prints & Tees

Gay Ointment B/W

Gay Ointment Pink

Gay Ointment Yellow


16 thoughts on “377: Gay Ointment

  1. Depressing doesn’t even begin to cover what happened yesterday. Like I’ve already told you elsewhere, love the red/pink/orange/whatever background. It’s a gorgeous blend. But yeah, it overwhelms the tube.

  2. I like the yellow background =) Both color schemes are great though. And yeah, this issue… sometimes, it moves forward so glacially. Two steps forward, four back. I wonder how India viewed gay relations before British influence…

    • yellow is winning so far, red/pink seems to have some small support (sigh) 🙂
      i dont think gay relations were ever embraced but they wasn’t constitutionally discriminated against.

      • Yes, the law makes things trickier than ‘mere’ social stigma. I’ve heard of other countries too where people use these types of laws for extortion… A gay relationship can become very difficult and paranoid…

  3. I prefer the yellow background simply because it doesn’t overwhelm the tube. It’s a painful road to freedom and equality but the world will get there in the end. Unfortunately a lot of people are hurt in the process. Love your poster.

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