Kulture Shop Now Live

Quick and dirty promotional post.

And I mean dirty.

No that’s not what I really mean.

Those tube striking bastards have tired me right out.

(Takes 1.5-2 hrs to get to work. Argh.)

So Kulture Shop is now live and running. Check them out here.

I’ve posted some new work I’ve done for them on my website. Click on the links below:

Framed Prints by wall

Framed Prints by wall

Prints on table

Prints on table


11 thoughts on “Kulture Shop Now Live

  1. Ahhh…. the commentar unfolded like a fine chaise lounge chair…
    He gets my vote for the Nobel Literature prize of Tin Roof Press.
    Also: Curses, someone beat me to it! I wanted to say your pieces look so good together! =)
    I equally love and envy your bright colors.

    • how did i miss this comment? thank you! i used to only draw in black and white then i found colour, now its hard to go back or go pastel.

      don’t envy moof, just dive right in there with colour! think of all the beautiful boys with tentacles in green, red, purple, pink yellow. yum!

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