Internet Down: A Tale of Horror

Yesterday the internet went down for an hour.

It was a dreadful time. I just don’t know how I made it through.

How would I be able to waste my time playing online games while simultaneously watching bad sci-fi movies?

How would I google

“Who is the actress with the posh english voice playing the monster?”


I clicked the refresh button every 5 seconds, because that’s what makes the internet work.

I need to thank my beloved sweetie pookums, the ex, who helped me though this horrible ordeal.

Telling me

“What are you doing??

Don’t touch network preferences!

Don’t be too smart.

I’ll just fix it.”

Like the stereotypical girl that I am, I sat on the sidelines, nervously chewing a fingernail tip and waited with bated breath while the ex fixed it all up.

I prance around the living room, hands clasped, gasping

“Oh my hero!”

in a breathless accent

At last annoying memes and inane online quizzes at my very fingertips!

Candy Crush Let me fall into thy bountiful black hole!

Now for some TOTALLY UNRELATED photos below from my trip home:


6 thoughts on “Internet Down: A Tale of Horror

    • impressive. I haven’t even got close to there yet. i like to play a game an evening.

      Actually farm heros saga is much more evil, because there is a certain level that seems to be built to force you to buy upgrades. so i stopped playing it. maybe its not an evil game then.

      But i’m now playing Triple Town. I have dreams where i’m building towns and mansions.

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