Good Rage Can Last For Days

Someone on Faceache I haven’t spoken to in years just sent me a link to an article that immediately sent me into an irate spin. (Clearly part of their devious plan)

So I’ve regurgitated my Faceache rant below. Why waste it just on Facebook? Good rage can last for days. Stick that on a tee!

Disclaimer: Morning Rage Rant to follow.

“Student dons fake bump to ‘test’ if commuters would give up their seats. Then hands them ‘pass’ & ‘fail’ cards.”

I think the so-called ‘shamed’ commuters should have taken the card she handed them, slapped her across the face with it while screaming:



I have shit in my bag that’s heavy too – Do you see me moaning about how my choice to carry around heavy useless crap entitles me to a seat you’ve paid for??

Have I inseminated you, forcing you to be pregnant, thus making me responsible for your level of discomfort??



You smug, over-populating, planet polluting, seat stealing, entitled bitch. So Fuck you and your passes and fails.

You fail.

And no, you can’t have my seat.

When I get 6 months leave to fuck off to do something I like, maybe I will.”


Well I think that concludes this instalment of Morning Rage Rant everyone!

Thank you for reading this far.

A bumpy ride: Londoners reluctant to give up their seats for pregnant women on the tube

^ Damn fucking right.

Hidden Beasts - Old Sketch

Hidden Beasts – Old Sketch

Ps: I read the TimeOut link comment thread and I have to say I find the argument proposed by some, that pregnant women may fall in the tube/train and miscarry, therefore you as a stranger, and as a caring human, should give them your seat to prevent this happening, as a primary reason to automatically offer a seat a very strange concept.

Are we supposed to make all these assumptions about this faceless pregnant woman’s life, health and welfare of her child without even speaking to her? Does she not have a say in all this?

If fear of miscarriage while commuting is so high should she not as primary carer and host be the one really responsible? Why is she travelling, thus putting her unborn child at such significant risk, if that really is the case?

How do they also know what the health and general weariness of the seated traveller is? What assumptions are they making in turn?

It baffles me that we’re supposed to make all kinds of imaginary assumptions without even speaking to this pregnant lady. And vice versa.

If someone should ask me for my seat I wouldn’t hesitate or resent giving it up at all. But this passive-agressive bullshit expectation really irritates.


30 thoughts on “Good Rage Can Last For Days

  1. Hehehehe, nothing like a good Monday rant. Love it!

    However, I’d give up my seat for a pregnant woman, I think. Maybe its part of my whole Indianconditioning to be “polite”

  2. So a student with a fake bump gets to hand out pass or fail cards to everyone around her? Who put this bitch in charge and where the hell does she get the nerve to pass judgement on a bunch of strangers?

    This is why I’m not on Facebook. People are idiotic, seriously.

    • No no just my rant was on facebook 🙂

      the fake student wrote an article for Time Out, or Time Out covered her doing this for a project which she claims was a study (proving the point that people are idiots on and off facebook)

      – and hell yes she is a mega bitch!

  3. I like it when you rant. 🙂 I agree that just because you preggy, don’t mean you rule the world…

      • Haha, it’s true- what else are blogs for?! I need rant more. Someday I’m going to write a post about how passive aggressive Portlanders are, and how much it makes me want to poke their (and my) eyes out. Is that rant-worthy?

          • 🙂 Indeed, well, my friends suffer live spoken-word versions of that rant. It’s not a very popular stance to take in Portland that Portlanders are passive aggressive and annoying. I stay in Portland for such long stretches that I often forget and get consumed by the overwhelming passive aggressive PCness of the culture there. And when I fly back to New York it’s like a breath of fresh air. I LOVE new york straight forwardness. Are Londoners a blunt people?

            • Well Londoner is such a diverse demographic it’s impossible to say if they are blunt or not – I find certain kind of English middle class can be passive aggressive or just passive – depends really but I think you should rant because Portland sounds hilarious

  4. Janine, you’re like a lesbian Ayn Rand or something.

    In all seriousness, here’s where your pregnancy/disability analogy fails. You are correct, of course, that pregnancy is not a disease or “disability”, i.e. a deficiency in nature, a subtraction from a healthy human being’s normal functioning.

    What you, in your irascible Brave New World idealism fail to remember, is that reproduction, being the most serious business in life (a business just as serious, or even *more* serious, under an atheistic/Darwinian view of the universe than under a religious/spiritual one), is the very thing about which human life in its entirety is necessarily organized.

    As I still love and accept you, my brown lezzie spirit-sister (I think I just sprang a soft-on here), in all your godless alien eccentricity, I will meet your extreme thought-experiments with one of my own:

    Say that society had to make a choice: either put all the disabled people on an ice-floe, or all the pregnant women.

    Let’s get real: despite the evil of icing the disabled, society would not be *materially* harmed. What’s horrifying is how well, in fact, society would be– *materially*– benefited. Minus one or two geniuses figuring stuff from their wheelchairs (i.e. Hawkins, and, contra his PR, he is NOT, nor is he regarded by his peers as, the second coming of Einstein), all these people are a (material and “opportunity”) cost.

    We correctly shudder at the thought, not only of unjust death suffered by such people, but by our own spiritual degradation if we acquiesced to such evil, for we would all only “prosper” as Macbeth prospered, as evildoers who got away with something.

    But: let’s get real. Nazi Germany, had she won, would not have starved to death. Quite the contrary.

    Whereas: a society which kept its lepers, its quadriplegics, its retards, and put all its pregnant women on an ice floe instead– would DIE.

    A long, slow, gray mass suicide. End of EVERYTHING. Which, frankly, would indicate that if a call HAD to be made– . . . then yes, the disabled should be sacrificed before the mothers-to-be. To say nothing of sacrificing the healthy, who are capable of making small sacrifices like moving their lazy asses to make a little polite space for THE FUTURE!

    This particular young experimenter was being a dick with her “pass/fail” cards, but yes: the able-bodied non-pregnant should get up.

    Pregnancy is not a “hobby”, Janine! Come on, don’t be such a fag. –Much good as it would do us both, I promise not to knock you up; but gadding about with a sketchbook really is apples-and-oranges compared to raising a baby. Hobbies are what *we* two do, not the mothers. If anybody is trying here to, ahem, fill a void, it isn’t *her*.

    • [NB: by “*her*” I mean pregnant women generically, not the “experimenter”. –And of course, for a certain demographic of, largely unwed, largely teen, mothers the “void” they’re filling is, largely, one comprised of sympathy, drama, and welfare payments.]

    • You had me at lesbian Ayn Rand.

      – That made me giggle

      but yes yes of course the ice flow stuff, we need life, kill the weak and eat them etc blah blah – but we’re NOT on an ice flow (thankfully)

      if we were i would worship their fertility as I should, but we’re on a planet of 7 billion now, all breeding multiple offspring.

      then some lady is handing out pass and fail cards because she feels entitled to a seat as her due – that is some major passive aggressive BS right there.
      I mean, she could just ask. I think no one would refuse if asked is also my point.

      • Well, I think a grown man should know his duty and make a seat for a pregnant woman or the elderly.

        With regard to overpopulation, the compound interest effect works the other way: a one or two percent drop in fertility could mean, over a few centuries, the global population drops back down to half a billion.

        Historically, even Africa has been underpopulated, with too few survivors to adulthood to make labor-intensive agriculture work. Famine and mortality, an endless cycle. Dark Ages Europe was likewise underpopulated. Underpopulation used to be more ruinous than overpopulation– nothing gets done.

        Thank God for Japanese robotics.

        How big is lesbian Ayn Rand’s strap-on, anyway?

  5. Oh god, this rant! Oh god, this last comment, by Lucius!!
    Stop being such a fig (Jesus face-palms, ‘guys, I said burn all the FIGS, you fucking idiots…’
    lmao, lesbian Ayn Rand.

    I speak from experience: It is really HARD to keep this shitty race going. [Yeah you’re right, I totally don’t trust people not ruled by biology, food is probably the most important thing in my life….]

    When I see all the sleepless nights, all the times that parent-to-be will gnash her teeth and just, only JUST be able to stop the lizard brain from kicking in and making her hunch over her offspring and eat it and happily be carted off to prison for the rest of her life, to be alone in her guilty tormenting thoughts but to be alone in her thoughts, yes. Alone. In sweet sweet silence… when I picture that inner struggle… and think, oh my god, how many times did my parents only JUST stop themselves from defenestrating me and/or fingerpainting in my blood…tens, hundreds, thousands of suppressed infantacidal thoughts, just for that, I’m like, here lady, take my seat, take every seat, you get all the seats in the world aren’t enough to prepare you for…. O_O

    I totally agree with you though, I mean, that’s why *I* get up, but before I had a kid and knew…. what lies ahead… I’d just keep sitting and be like, sorry lady you chose not to use a condom and my feet sting… shit’s all around… You should not HAVE to get up. [Or I’d try to do a little…it’s like phrenology, but with the bump–I look at the bump and if it looks kind of EVIL, like, I think, I bet that kid’s going to grow up to be a murderer or something, I don’t get up. …. ]

    PS I think that thing about miscarrying sounds total bogus?? To my knowledge, the danger of miscarriage is highest in the first trimester of the pregnancy (when you often can’t even tell if a woman is pregnant simply by looking at her…) I knew women here who were riding BIKES pregnant until they couldn’t reach the bars any more from the stomach, so… if you can ride a bike, you can stand on a train…

  6. you guys kill me. best comments ever.
    but yeah i think you can also just ask and its true you can’t really tell if someone is preg (although tfl now hand out these baby on board badges – to inform us lay people)

    pass and fail cards is just such an asshole move though.

    “[Or I’d try to do a little…it’s like phrenology, but with the bump–I look at the bump and if it looks kind of EVIL, like, I think, I bet that kid’s going to grow up to be a murderer or something, I don’t get up. …. ]” – i’m totes going to try this! i’m just going to stare at it hard. it’ll probably really freak them out.

  7. yeah the miscarriage thing is a totally bogus argument – but the timeout thread had quite a few mentioning that as a big factor (to give up the seat)

    yes and i’m seen 8 months pregnant ladies cycling to work. amazing!

  8. Great rant! I’d give up my seat because it’s polite and I’m a very polite person, but I don’t think the student was right to do what she did. I think it was rather arrogant. And not polite.

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