The Elves and the Cobbler

If the tale of the “The Elves and the Cobbler” were a modern day rewrite the elves would come in every night and do his paperwork and other misc life admin.

The cobbler would still make his shoes.

I wish I had elves. 

Or a P.A

My computer crashed last night. I came home to the dubious graphic of the bouncing beach ball.

Such a sweet and innocent symbol, yet a harbinger of such ill.

Mostly everything is backed up, but I was slightly slack the last 2 months or so, most of my photos might be lost, (aside from any uploads on Social Media) and 2 pieces of work would need to be reconstructed from scratch essentially *groan*



The Genius Bar is a hopeless business. I mean really, fucking useless.

They never had enough capacity, no appointments and Apple Care is pure theft.

Each time I’ve bought a new computer it has crashed sooner and sooner each time.

Apple seems to be slowly but surely getting worse and worse over time.

I hope there is a new challenger to topple Apple off their idiotic plinth, even though I’m wedded to their products.

So now instead of actually working on the 2 projects (that are really dragging on now) I have to waste maybe 2 evenings re-setting up my comp, download software and recovering the scaps of data I can.

Unfortunately one thing I was working on was mostly digital (I still have the drawing on paper but would need to be re-scanned and re-worked.)


On a side note about mother’s day (I feel like this must be shared)

My gran, who is Austrian (go Conchita!), married to a South Indian (who she met during the war while my Grandfather was a navigator in the Air Force), told me that Mother’s Day during her time in Austria was a Nazi promotional propaganda to increase the birth rate. 

Then she told me to call and wish my mother. 


It’s nice to end on a positive note


Incomplete Sketch in sketch book

Incomplete Sketch in sketch book

Tamara At work meeting

Tamara At work meeting

Update: My irate email to some Apple customer care drone

Dear Apple,

Over the years the quality and durability of your products have grown worse and worse. Each computer I’ve purchased has had a shorter and shorter shelf life.

That my hard drive crashed within just 2 years of purchase (refurbished / new) is frankly, appalling.

The only reason I’m complaining here rather than on some other support/contact thread is because the support thread simply doesn’t work. It just says loading while displaying nothing. (
May I suggest you use the bounding beach ball as your loading icon through your site? It would be much more appropriate as it now is the key representation of the brand.

It is also transparently clear that apple is investing less and less in user support: For instance the Genius bar appointment booker told me that no appointments were available. No other dates were provided, no other information was provided on when dates would be released. I guess I’m supposed to psychically connect with Apple support and find out when genius bar appointments are available.

All in all, I’m really very disappointed in Apple. It used to be good, now it’s pretty darn shoddy. In really every respect.

A disappointed user.


2 thoughts on “The Elves and the Cobbler

  1. Im hopelessly wedded to Apple but sincerely feel that since Jobs died, theyve really gone to the toilet with their products. The latest OS upgrade, the design and everything else about it confirmed it. Nothing is functional, just stupidly flashy and so unlike Apple. Sad to know their hardware is going to the shits too.. I hope you recovered stuff.

    Apple Care is bollocks!

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