Hipsters & Dandys

Dandy on morning tube to work: Longish floppy hair, striped pink shirt with black sweater casually draped around the shoulder, large black spotted bow-tie. Trousers paired with smart glossy booties with 1.5 inch heels and half an inch of sock showing, clutching an A4 size faux snake skin man-purse in grey and glossy black (imagine a large clutch) and to complete the look, dark sunglasses.

I should have been the one wearing sunglasses, his glory nearly blinded me.

May the memory of his magnificence never fade.

On a vaguely related note here is a portrait I did for A4:

It was fun rediscovering paints again!

IMG_7243 IMG_7247 2014-08-09-16.21.31-HDR

It’s called Hipster in Foliage.

So many hipsters and dandies all around and here I am cutting my hair over the bin with the kitchen scissors.



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