Crotch Magnetism

Update related to previous post here:

Yesterday while I was walking through Portobello market a man suddenly followed me, gesturing and pointing.

I thought he was pointing at my Makan lunch (Malaysian Nasi Lemak. Yummy).

I looked at him  baffled, holding up my bag, thinking perhaps he thought I picked it up from one of the junk stalls without paying.

Then more excited than ever he placed a finger on my belt buckle and I had to laugh.

It was my red belt with the Superman belt buckle.

For some reason both Batman & Superman belt buckles are crotch magnets.

Mostly I should add, from excitable dudes on the street pointing at the glory of my crotch.

Not sure how I feel about a random dude touching my crotch accessory but there is no denying the magnetism of the Superman sign!

Buddies hanging. Queen & Thatcher in Portobello

Buddies hanging. Queen & Thatcher in Portobello


6 thoughts on “Crotch Magnetism

  1. This post made me realise that I haven’t worn a belt in about 20 years. That’s what possessing a paunch will do for one’s wardrobe. I do like this buckle. It’s like an arrow sign to the vagina. Though I’m not sure anyone needs an arrow to point out the location of a vagina.

    • I like a little crotch bling 🙂 the ladies flock to it! You should see my crotch belt hip flask – it sits in a little holster on the front and you can fill it with 2-3 shots of any alcohol. pretty handy.
      Also the tie has long been an arrow directly to the crotch. Ladies need to compete

      • Absolutely nothing wrong with crotch bling. I like this hip flask muchly. See, with the tie, I think it was more like a public service announcement: “This sub-species thinks with the head that lies in that direction.” (One of those days where I’m just not feeling the love for men. Like that only. Don’t mind it.)

        • The hip flask is a real party winner. I think tie is both indicator and power play “look at my danda!” So now im playing too but i sympathise with ypu not live for men day. 🙂 preaching to the choir!

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